Absentia season 2: Everything we know, for now

Absentia season 2What’s happening with an Absentia season 2? This is a question that we’ve been asked a lot over the past few weeks, and for good reason.

For a while, it appeared as though the Sony-produced series was well on its way to getting a season 2 renewal after premiering on Amazon Prime Video earlier this year. There was a new showrunner hired and there was even talk about a two-season order coming up.

Yet, since that time news has come to a halt and throughout pretty much the entirety of May sweeps, there was not much in the way of breaking news. That is, in turn, why we have had less to report on as of late when it comes to the show.

So what do we know at the moment? Let’s kick things off with this: There is not necessarily any reason for any party involved to hurry in handing down a season 2 renewal, mostly because filming, if it happens, would not take place until later this summer. August is around the time in which we’ve heard and a formal announcement could come at some point a little bit closer to then. Remember that there doesn’t necessarily need to be a formal renewal for writers to start working on whatever is coming up next.

If Absentia is going the route of a two-season renewal, sometimes those take far longer for logistical reasons. That is something that many Outlander fans experienced recently as they were forced to wait for a rather-long time for their show to be given the green light for a season 5 and season 6. Waiting does not have to be bad, even if it can foster a certain degree of impatience.

Given when a possible season 2 would start filming, patience is going to be something that Absentia fans absolutely need — especially if you are in Europe and you loved having the show on last fall. Based on the filming schedule it’s virtually impossible for the show to air on various AXN networks at the same time it did last year. We would be surprised if there are any new episodes coming in 2018 at all. That’s obviously a subject that we can discuss more in-depth at a later date, but we probably shouldn’t draw any assumptions on filming/air dates without even getting a formal renewal.

The cast for season 2 has yet to be confirmed — obviously Stana Katic will be involved, and judging from some of his comments in an interview earlier this year, it seems as though Neil Jackson (Jack Byrne) is planning to be back.

Coming soon

Be on the lookout for an Emmy Hopefuls feature later this weekend discussing Katic’s performance as Emily Byrne during season 1.

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