Survivor: Ghost Island interview: Sebastian Noel on Dom’s move, gameplay, and missed opportunities

Sebastian NoelSebastian Noel was viewed on Survivor: Ghost Island as an energetic spirit, someone who was incredibly well-liked by most of the other players and could be a sneaky threat because of that. After all, he made it through much of the game without any blood on his hands! He was taken out at the final six in one of the most memorable Tribal Councils in recent memory, one where Domenick tricked him into thinking that he was going to play an idol when, in fact, it was a fake.

In our interview with him  Sebastian talks about that move, if he had a good shot of getting votes at the end, and what he wishes was shown on TV.

CarterMatt – We had some fun moments from you, but not a good sense of what your overall story was. Is there any part of your game you wish had been shown?

Sebastian – 100%. They didn’t show a lot of me talking, and I truly believe it was because I was out in the water two to four hours a day. I was just having fun out there! It was a permanent vacation. I would wake up, cook a little rice and coconut, and then I’d head out to the water and spend the day out there. I missed a lot of the game as far as strategy and communicative stuff.

They don’t put the sort of stuff I was doing on TV anymore, which is ridiculous. I feel like they need to show a little bit of survival and the struggle to live out there. That was what I was really focusing my game on — being a likable, fun provider for the tribe. They don’t show that on TV. I really am upset that they didn’t show any of that, since that was half of my game.

Like you said, people really liked you and it doesn’t seem like you had any blood on your hands. Do you feel like you had a solid shot at getting some votes at the end of the game?

No doubt in my mind. I truly believe I’d be sitting in the final three and possibly winning the game if these two things would’ve happened.

First, sitting at final eight when Kellyn and Chelsea were still there, they were still on my side. We did not speak before that vote and we had Naviti Strong votes the whole game. I didn’t have a clue they were voting for Wendell. Looking back at that, if I had taken advantage of having a conversation with them before Tribal, I’d possibly be a millionaire right now.

Another one was Angela letting the cat out of the bag during the finale. We could’ve taken Dom out quietly and secretly. I feel like we lost an opportunity, and then all it takes is one immunity win to make it to the top four. I can beat anyone at fire!

I really believe that with a little bit more effort, I feel like I could’ve been sitting in the Wendell Holland seat.

Obviously the way you went out is really memorable, but I know that the game is a lot more nuanced and complicated than just one move like what Dom did causing you to not want to vote for him. Even before Dom acted the way he did at your last Tribal Council in the game, did Wendell already have your vote at the end?

Oh, no doubt. I was f—ing pissed at Dom before that. He was being a ridiculous human the past few days. He was getting in everyone’s face, he couldn’t sit still at camp, and he kept listening to conversations to death like a creep-o. I love him to death now, but he was getting on my nerves from day one, to be honest with you. Wendell was my best friend out there besides Chris and Jenna. We had great conversations every day and we went spear-fishing a lot. If I wasn’t in the final three and Wendell was, there was zero doubt he was getting my vote.

Ultimately, do you think the extra vote actually ended up being a little more of a curse for you?

Yeah, it really was! It’s funny — immediately after the show, I ended up meeting with Jay [Starrett] at the bar. I put my middle finger up in his face and was like ‘you son of a b—h, I got voted out in sixth place and we both left the game on your stupid fake idol’ (laughs). It’s cursed, man, but I really wish that move could’ve been pulled off because the whole game could’ve been changed dramatically.

Do you have any interest in playing Survivor again?

2000%. I need to play this game again, because I played the game this season as a vacationer of sorts. I was in the numbers almost the entire seaosn so I didn’t really have to force myself to play. That’s such an honor to do that. You can make it a long ways just being nice to people.

When I play this game again, it’s gonna be a hell of a different Survivor setup. I can guarantee you that.

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