Survivor: Ghost Island finale: A winner revealed; a final twist

Survivor: Ghost Island cast

Going into the Survivor: Ghost Island finale, there was really just one question on our mind: Was Domenick Abbate or Wendell Holland Jr. going to be the winner at the end?

These two guys, through most of the season, had shown themselves to be dominant forces. They’ve won challenges, they’ve found idols, and they played a stellar social games. Sebastian and Donathan were the first two players taken out in the finale, and that led to a final four of Domenick, Wendell, Angela, or Laurel. This was a final four that seemed destine to give us one of the two guys as the winner, but also one of the two likely going home at final four since they each understood that bringing the other to the end would be problematic.

When Domenick won immunity at the final four, he had a chance to choose one person to go with him to the end. He picked Laurel, and with that fire-maker Angela had a chance to face off against Wendell. We feel like there’s going to be a lot of play in the whole “curse” element of it all here, given the fact that Wendell didn’t want to sit on an orange stool thinking it was cursed. Angela didn’t care … and then she was eliminated and Wendell, Dom, and Laurel were the final three. We’re not trying to discount Laurel as a contender, given that she played a decent game. Yet, much of said game was sticking with Dom and Wendell, who were at the center of most of the plans.

The final three – This was a heated decision for the jury to think about here, mostly because Dom didn’t always play the most friendly way. He made bold moves, and that includes an enormous one in which he was able to save his own hide when Sebastian was set to target him. He made a really strong case but we don’t think that anyone did a really bad job here. Domenick had a better strategic game, but Wendell made people feel better. Alas, Laurel had really no chance.

Then, things got interesting when it comes to the final vote: WE HAD A TIE. That has never happened before in the history of the game. Laurel had to break the tie. Basically, these people were stuck having to wait for the entire past several months to learn the result of just one vote. This vote changed everything, and it was for Wendell. Given that he did play an idol for her, can you really be all that surprised by that? Congrats to Wendell!

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