The Blacklist season 5: why it was one of our favorite finales this season

The Blacklist logo any seasonLast Wednesday NBC premiered the Season 5 finale of its veteran show, The Blacklist, and in our opinion it was one of the best finales this season. The show has done a great job so far at throwing in twists and turns that make the show stronger. Every new twist is bigger and better than the last, and just when you think the writers can’t trick you anymore, they do. This show has always been one that we clear our schedules for in order to watch and we have never been disappointed. The curveball of killing Tom Keen this past season was one we didn’t expect, and yet, as the season went on, it didn’t seem weird that the character wasn’t part of the series anymore, because the writers did a great job at evolving the show naturally.

Now the biggest twist yet happened in the finale when the identity of the mysterious bones in the suitcase was revealed. At the last minute, fans discovered the remains were those of the real Raymond Reddington. Yes, you heard us correctly. When we watched this, we were shocked until we started thinking back to past seasons. If you watch the first season over again the writers gave us hints that this twist was always planned. EP Jon Bokenkamp’s interview with Entertainment Weekly straight out told fans that actor James Spader knew this secret about his character. Now watching old seasons back again you start to pick up on the clues and suddenly you become mind blown.  The writers did a brilliant job of setting this game-changing storyline up and to be honest we are upset that NBC is waiting until 2019 to give us Season 6.

Despite the fact that the show’s ratings have dipped, the show has proven time and time again that it’s a top show. As we mentioned, the writers have been able to successfully build each character every season in a way that allows them to grow without going outside of the lines. In other words, they character grow or evolve, but never go outside of their true nature. It may sound easy, but in fact it’s not. For example, Elizabeth’s relationship with Raymond Reddington has always been rocky. One minute they are a caring and loving toward one another and the next minute Elizabeth hates him with every fiber of her being. This has always been consistent, and again, it may seem easy to make it that way, but the writers have to continue to find ways to put them against each other in a natural manner. Now with the new discovery, things are going to be even rockier; however, it will be interesting to see how she will feel about him now as a father figure. She says she hates him, but she’s been down a tough journey and this imposter Raymond Reddington has been there for her every step of the way. This new dynamic is amazing and we know that the storyline will progress in a way that won’t leave us confused, but rather, once again, mind blown.

If you haven’t seen The Blacklist, we suggest you hop on the bandwagon because this show is definitely worth your time. The Blacklist returns with Season 6 in 2019 moving to Friday night (not sure how we feel about that).

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