Deception series finale: Cameron faces off against the mystery woman once and for all

Deception closes out its first season by finishing it the way we started this journey. For more on that, take a look at the attached finale synopsis:

“In a special, two-hour series finale, the Deception team goes up against the Mystery Woman in a battle of dueling deceptions. But just when Cameron thinks he finally has her, she will unleash her most game-changing twist yet.”

The promo shows that Cameron and Johnny will face off against the mystery woman that has turned their lives upside down. For Johnny, she set him up for murder and ever since he has been in prison while Cameron has forged a friendship with the FBI in order to solve Johnny’s case. While Cameron’s attention has sometimes been sidetracked, he has always kept his brother in the loop. The FBI granted Johnny a personal room to figure out what the mystery woman is after. Things had been going good until a security guard revealed he works for the woman and that she knows his every move and the FBI’s after he stole Mike’s security badge. So going into the finale, how will this all come to a close?

We know that Cameron and the mystery woman will be facing off in a battle of the deceptions. Cameron is going to try and outsmart her, while the mystery is going to be doing the same to Cameron. So he will have to think two steps ahead of her if he wants to beat her. In addition, he and Johnny have a better chance at beating her if they can figure out her end game. From what we have seen so far we are betting that Cameron’s great-grandfather, Alistair, has something to do with what the mystery woman is after. Their great-grandfather has been mentioned before in episodes in relation to the woman and the writers made Gunter’s discovery of Alistair’s secret room a major scene.

So what could Alistair Black possess that the mystery woman desperately wants? Could it be the skull that Gunter found? It’s definitely a possibility. We also believe that it may not. It could be related to something else Alistair is hiding. The writers could have used the skull and Gunter’s discovery to show the audience what Alistair was capable of. Either way, the mystery has been collecting items as shown in the promo, but again what for remains a mystery. This woman is smart and is definitely a worthy opponent for Cameron and the team so it is going to be a great showdown this Sunday night.

The two-hour season finale premieres this Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico.

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