Deception season 1 episode 11 review: Cameron takes on a spy, is jealous of Kay’s ex

Deception’s episode this week is taking a trip down the spy route. When a woman, Ann, believed to be a sleeper spy, sneaks a gun in a building known for its high-tech security, Cameron and the gang are called in to help. After discovering metal pieces on the floor, Cameron tells Kay and Mike that the pieces are the gun and that she had been sneaking in pieces for 8 months. It’s a pretty ingenious way to sneak a homemade gun in and Cameron knows it.

When Kay and Mike question Ann’s boss, James, he informs them that she got away with a system that can take down security systems no matter how advanced. James reveals that he and the woman were romantically involved and that she left a bag at this house with a secret compartment containing a blueprint. The blueprint is for a building that controls the city’s entire communications system, and if hacked could lead to some serious consequences.

As a result, Kay and Cameron head to the subway to try and find Ann but are surprised when they walk into a CIA stakeout where Kay discovers her CIA ex-boyfriend, Issac Walker, is a part of. Deakins tells the team that the FBI and CIA are doing a joint force on this case and as a result, Cameron is kicked off the team. What’s great about bring in Kay’s ex is that it bothers Cameron. We haven’t gotten any romantic vibes from the two, but he’s jealous. He doesn’t like that someone else can come in and take his partner away. Now where he has feelings for Kay or not has yet to be seen, but one thing is for certain: he considers Kay his partner-in-crime and doesn’t want someone taking his place. Meanwhile, Kay and Issac begin to question Ann to attempt to get her to reveal her plan, where she says one word: redbird. This affects Issac who knows what she is talking about and he kicks Kay out of the interview. Kay is furious and wants the truth about who Ann is, but Issac isn’t giving in. Cameron informs Kay that Ann wanted to be caught. As Ann escapes, Kay, Cameron, and Issac figure out that she is going after a CIA black ops location in the FBI building to steal a file called redbird.

Ann wants revenge on the CIA after a mission went wrong and her colleagues died. Cue the Deception team. Cameron dresses up as one of the targets while Kay and Issac search the buildings for Ann. When Ann takes her shot she believes she shot Cameron, but the audience finds out that she didn’t because Gunther and Jordan set a magnetic field that captured the bullet. However, the case isn’t over because James is working with Ann and Issac reveals he was the team leader named Redbird. Cameron, Deakins, and Mike all try and warn Kay, but James is already there. Cameron takes the shots for Kay while wearing an FBI vest.

Back in prison, Johnny is still working on his case and Dina has to tell him that she has moved on. It’s clear that he is hurt by the news and we feel sorry for him. Johnny has also had this serious attitude about him where he doesn’t show much emotion and if he is affected by someone or something, he hides it. So for the audience to clear see him where his emotions on his sleeve, it was different and shows us how much he cares and loves Dina. However, Johnny quickly changes the conversation when he tells Dina she can help him. Part of a page the FBI gave him is redacted and Johnny wants Dina to ask Mike why he doesn’t have access to the real page. The two believe the FBI and them are on the same team, but they begin to question that now.

Overall, it was a great episode because we got to see a different side of Cameron and Johnny, even if it was brief. It revealed characteristics about them and we liked seeing it. Also, fans were right, as in the end Cameron realizes that he has developed feelings for Kay.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico.

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