NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 finale review: The biggest cliffhanger yet

NCIS: Los AngelesThe NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 finale picked up almost immediately where the previous one left off, and that was with Kensi, Deeks, Callen, and Sam down in Mexico in hopes of extracting Mosley’s son and bringing him down to safety. This was not a particularly easy mission, especially when you think about the state of Deeks and Kensi in turn. Going into the finale, it felt like it could be their final mission together — and their romantic relationship was in flux to go along with it.

To make matters worse, the longer the episode lasted the more it seemed that Hidoko was not actually alive down in Mexico anymore. She went down herself and with that, put herself in serious danger that she may not be able to make it out of there alive. Of course, as the episode went along it became all the clearer that everyone was going to be in some trouble. It’s hard to describe Sam and Callen being held at gunpoint on private Mexican property any other way.

Luckily, Sam and Callen were able to find themselves some safety thanks to a guy with a supposed connection to Hetty, which led to them forging a rather-unique plan. They were going to use Kensi in a Trojan horse sort of plan, one where she would be able to pull out Mosley’s son. The biggest issue here was finding the means in which to properly make it happen, which basically included Callen taking a punch in the face so that Hetty’s “connection” would come through.

Just when things were starting to come together, they became messy right again thanks to Mosley’s apparent plan to head down to Mexico to take on the search for her son head-on. Suddenly it became not only about finding Derrick, but also making sure that Mosley didn’t mess things up.

Unfortunately, it just turned out that Mosley didn’t need to show up for there to be trouble once Operation Trojan Horse began — after all, Spencer Williams was actually at home, thus mucking things up and putting Kensi and her horses in immediate danger. Everyone had to scramble in order to come up with a plan. Sam, Callen, and Deeks were able to come up with something haphazard and dangerous, but it was really the only idea that they had. The odds still didn’t look great for them given that they were only three people plus Kensi on the inside.

Yet, this is the sort of show where the heroes almost always manage to make it through. That’s why we still had faith in all of the team to find Derrick and bring him home. Deeks and Kensi got the boy out of the compound and over to Mosley, who just so happened to be in a helicopter nearby.

As much as we’ve been frustrated with Mosley and hated some of her actions in these two hours, there was something heartwarming about seeing her reunite with Derrick. From here, we then saw Deeks and Kensi had back to pick up Sam and Callen, who had temporarily made it out of the compound on horseback.

Yet, before they could escape, there was an explosion … and a cliffhanger. We don’t know if Deeks, Kensi, Sam, or Callen is still alive.

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CarterMatt Verdict

The success of this episode really depended on how you wanted to look at it. Those of you who were interested in a Deeks – Kensi wedding were probably disappointed. This was an exciting finale, but simultaneously not one that really resolved much of anything. As a matter of fact, this may be the biggest cliffhanger we’ve seen.

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