NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 23 review: Are Kensi, Deeks breaking up?

NCIS: Los Angeles season 9 episode 6Tonight, NCIS: Los Angeles kicked off their two-hour finale event with an hour that started as intense as they come — with Sam being shot in the midst of a mission alongside Kensi, Deeks, and Callen. This showed the nature of the job, but also at the same time that the series is going to get a little bit short-handed in their efforts the rest of the way.

In the aftermath of the mission Callen found himself interrogating one of the men in Miguel who was at the shootout, and eventually a valuable name popped up in Spencer Williams. As you may recall, this man is connected to the disappearance of Shay Mosley’s son Derek. Williams is Derek’s father and it was very clear that she was personally invested in the case. She started to act recklessly, violating rules and expecting everyone else to go along with it. The moment that someone was trying to defy her, she threatened to either fire them.

As a matter of fact, when Deeks did speak out and challenge her, she fired him and told him to go back to the LAPD. This put much of the rest of the team in a tough position — continue to do their jobs, but also realizing that working with Mosley could cause them in turn to lose said jobs. This was a personal case for her and they certainly get that, which seems to be why the likes of Sam and Callen seem to be putting their frustrations aside in order to keep working with her. As soon as she determined that her son was still alive, she decided that she would put together a team in order to head down to Mexico. Callen was game to join her, whereas Sam despite a hurt leg was still interested in doing it.

As for Kensi and Deeks (who still hadn’t even left the building), he made it clear that he was not altogether interested in the idea of her going all the way down there for what he saw as an extreme custody case. Mosley had Deeks escorted away, and this is when Deeks made a threat that we’ve seen in the promos: Kensi claiming that Deeks was forcing her to choose between her job and him. Every issue that they’ve had as of late culminated with the two discussing their future, including Deeks’ desire to eventually get out of the job and Kensi’s desire to stick with it — especially in the event they don’t have kids. All of this had us worried … but then we remembered that this was a two-hour finale and there was a whole lot of room for things to change.

In getting back to the case, eventually Hidoko left on her own to Mexico. Meanwhile, Callen, Sam, and Kensi were ready to head down to Mexico to help find Mosley’s son. After the agreement was forged, Mosley had another chat with Hetty, who warned her against doing this mission — as a matter of fact, she refused to offer up her blessing unless she ran the mission herself. This meant, in turn, Mosley threatening Hetty with the arrest of some of the team members if she tried to interfere.

In actuality, it wasn’t Hetty who tried to interfere with the plane taking off — it was Deeks, who came aboard for the mission without Mosley knowing about it.

CarterMatt Verdict

The Kensi – Deeks stories were certainly devastating at some of the points in which we saw them. The same goes for Hetty, who seems like she’s almost out the door herself with the way that she and Mosley keep fighting. This was an episode that, despite Deeks’ heroics getting on the flight at the end, still felt rather sad. Luckily, there’s another hour on the other side.

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