Family Guy season 17 premiere date hopes: When could it return?

Family Guy season 17Following tonight’s finale, when could Family Guy season 17 premiere on Fox? That’s a question that we could especially see people wondering after the Peter Griffin – God encounter coming in the finale.

The first thing that we should say about this subject is rather simple: There is, of course, going to be another season. Family Guy is at this point a sure a thing for Fox as The Simpsons. There was certainly a time when this wasn’t the case but its irreverent brand of future has struck a chord in pop culture. While Seth MacFarlane is not in charge of running the show day-to-day anymore we still have a feeling that the show’s got plenty of creative juice left in the tank.

Unfortunately, there is no official premiere date announced as of yet by Fox, but that should come at some point over the summer. It already feels clear that the latest batch of episodes will come in the fall, probably either near the end of September or the start of October. Major networks tend to be very much consistent when it comes to when some of their biggest shows come on the air and we certainly do not envision that changing here at any point in the near future.

The only thing that is going to change slightly for Family Guy is what it airing around it, given that The Last Man on Earth is over and Brooklyn Nine-Nine is moving over to NBC. What is going to be a little bit different coming up is that Bob’s Burgers will be shifting timeslots whereas new comedy “Rel” is going to come up following Family Guy on the air. Things are going to be slightly different on the network later this year — but, at least when it comes to some of the animated shows, you won’t necessarily see any huge swings.

Following tonight’s finale, when do you want the Family Guy season 17 premiere date to be? Let us know right now in the comments!

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