MasterChef Junior season 6 finale: Who was the winner?

Who won MasterChef Junior season 6: Beni Cwiakala, Quani Fields, or Avery Meadows? don’t worry, as the answer to this very question lies within this article!

This was an intense finale, much in the way that many are within this series. You’ve got three contenders, in this case, at the end of the show and it is clear that all of them want it after working so hard to get there. What was so exciting about this season in particular is that it was fairly unpredictable. For most of the season, after all, we thought that we were going to get a final two of Ariana and Remy. That didn’t happen, as neither one of them ended up making the finale. Instead, we got three contestants who had solid runs, including one of the youngest contestants all season in Avery. For her, just being at the finale had to be a reward in itself.

In the end, the winner for this season is … Beni! She managed to deliver the best overall meal and made Gordon Ramsay happy enough to lick a plate at one point.

Really, what’s so interesting about the MasterChef Junior finales is that winning the show really just comes off as a beginning more so than an ending. Because of this win, Beni now has a platform to tour the world and really get herself started down a career in food. There are going to be plenty of people who want to work with her and understand more of her inspiration. While it’s still going to take a lot of hard work from her to make her into a superstar chef, this is a way for her to embark down that path. We’ll just have to see what awaits her on the very end of it.

What do you think about the MasterChef Junior season 6 finale overall, and do you think that the right person won? Share right now in the comments!

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