SWAT season 1 finale: Is Street leaving the team?

SWAT episode 3Obviously, the SWAT season 1 finale had a plan going in: Be as shocking, dramatic, and intense as humanly possible. We saw a perfect example of that the moment we saw a giant truck explode in the middle of a street.

While the finale may have kicked off with a possible incident of swatting, it went from there into a case that involved a massive threat that could put the lives of many at risk. Hondo had to rely on his father and others in order to better ensure the collective safety of everyone. This was about keeping his friends, his family, and his entire neighborhood safe. For the record, we could watch the back and forth between Hondo and his father all day. There is tension there, but there is also something very real. It’s about the natural conflict that can exist between father and son.

Beyond the main case this week, there was also a more personal story that came about when it comes to Street. He did whatever he could after his mother was in danger, but that included him lying to Hondo. He violated the team’s trust and with that, Hondo was set to kick him off the team. This was one of those situations in which we understood firmly where both people came from in this situation. In sending Street over to uniform, he’s technically giving him another chance — yet, you can also say that Hondo had an ulterior motive when it comes to how he felt about Street’s mother.

We don’t foresee Street’s exit as permanent but we’ll probably have to wait to see with that. He’s going to have to calm down and also realize that being in SWAT is something that he can’t toy with — he can’t just say that SWAT is family and use that to get what he wants.

On a happier note, the finale ended with Deacon telling Annie that he wanted to use some of his sick days in order to be at home with the kids. She didn’t seem altogether on board with that plan — the funny thing is that he tried to surprise her, but she in turn surprised him with news that she was pregnant.

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