Station 19 finale review: Is this the deadliest cliffhanger of the year?

Station 19 finaleThe finale of Station 19 aired on ABC Thursday night and by and large, we think that there is one simple word to describe it: Danger. There was a lot of it over the course of the entire episode — and not just in terms of some of the fires.

Instead, one of the most dangerous situations within the episode happened when Pruitt collapsed back at the firehouse, a place that he really shouldn’t have been in terms of his recovery to begin with. Luckily Miranda Bailey had arrived to the firehouse in order to look for him, and she and Ryan did what they could in order to keep him alive.

In terms of the main fire at the heart of the episode, we saw one happening within a high-rise building — this is one that put Ben in a really precarious position as a newbie firefighter. Travis’ life was on the line as a result of the injures that he suffered, but the same goes for a young woman who found herself in peril on a stairwell. He had to choose one, but in doing so the odds were relatively high that the other was going to die.

Also, to make matters worse Jack also found himself trapped and he had to figure out a decision of his own. He could leave the building and survive but in doing that, he wouldn’t be able to be there for the majority of the other firefighters.

Insofar as cliffhangers go, this has to be one of the biggest ones that we’ve seen in a rather long time for any show — after all, there are many different cliffhangers that we have now going into season 2. Do we think that most of these characters are going to find their way out of this? More than likely, but we’ve also got a feeling that Travis isn’t going to make it. If that happens, it means that Jay Hayden is leaving the show after just one season 1, which would be a shame since it felt like we were really just starting to get to know him and he’s now removed from the equation entirely.

CarterMatt Verdict

This episode did about as effective a job as any that we’ve seen in terms of establishing the danger that comes with being a firefighter, and the writing was effective enough to set almost the entire episode within the confines of a single building.

Also, the closing minutes with Andy trying to communicate with Jack were heart-wrenching. How can you not be eager for season 2 after this?

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