Gotham season 4 finale review: Is the Dark Knight rising?

Gotham season 4There were a couple of different ways to easily describe the Gotham season 4 finale — senseless violence and also possible threatening to leave.

For starters, take a look at Lee Thompkins. Morena Baccarin’s character has fluttered in and out of Gotham over time but tonight, she made it clear that she was ready to go and that her work over at the Narrows. Then, there was Ra’s al Ghul, who made it clear that he wanted to leave and, beyond that, he wanted Barbara to go with him. As it turns out, Barbara wasn’t altogether keen (pun intended) on going along with that. Gotham was her home and with that, she had every intention of sticking around. That’s probably effective all the more so when you consider how she was able to get the jump on Ra’s. (How much total screen time has this dude actually had on the show this season? It actually doesn’t feel like that much.)

Ultimately, it turns out that Lee didn’t leave either, mostly because of the chaos that started to unfold in Gotham with Jeremiah causing all sorts of chaos in the streets and trying to organize a catastrophe. Lee angered Nygma (who felt like he was consistently ordering her to be who he wanted), and in turn Nygma angered Lee. It was a back and forth like to no other and, in the end, it led to a double-stabbing. Is Morena leaving the show? We hope not…

Bruce Wayne, for most of the episode, found himself facing a key dilemma: Whether to give in to some of the prophecies about him becoming the “Dark Knight” the city truly needed or whether or not he should walk away. Ultimately, at the end of the episode he decided that walking away was not in his DNA and with that, he chose to embrace more of his destiny.

Was there some happiness amidst the chaos?

Well, we did see Butch find himself transformed back as a result of what Hugo Strange pulled off. It seemed as though Oswald had come through for Butch in keeping his promise; yet, said happiness was taken away the moment that Oswald revealed his true plan. He killed Butch right in front of Tabitha as a way of getting true revenge for what happened to his mother years ago. Now, Butch is gone and it doesn’t seem as though Grundy will be coming back. (It seems, alas, like Drew Powell could be done.)

The episode eventually culminated with many of the villains running amok in a version of Gotham that was devoid of many of its citizens. Many fled and those who stayed scrambled to stay alive. Barbara ordered all of Ra’s former compatriots dead to rid the city of men — Gotham’s greatest problems. There were some who chose to stay and fight and that seems to be where the new season will begin. The episode concluded without much resolution, but with the beginnings of an iconic Batman spotlight and the promise that Jim Gordon and Bruce will continue to fight all evil in the city.

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CarterMatt Verdict

It’s fair to describe what happened in the Gotham finale truly bonkers, largely because of the fact that there were so many apparent “deaths” and also a landscape that is so much different than before.

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