Grey’s Anatomy season 15: Should Kim Raver be series regular?

Megan HuntMoving into Grey’s Anatomy season 15, we of course have many questions, but one of the biggest ones here is this: Could Kim Raver become a series regular? Will we see more of Dr. Teddy Alman than we have in quite some time?

As the episode progressed, we started to get some signs that the producers could end up going in this direction — Miranda Bailey was considering a sabbatical from being Chief so she could get back to some of what she loved, which in turn offered Teddy a chance to come back and run the hospital.

We also do think that bringing Teddy back to Grey’s Anatomy full-time would create some really interesting story possibilities — especially when you think about the history that is here with Owen based on earlier this season when he went halfway around the world in order to be with her. However, it didn’t exactly go according to plan. Teddy and Owen are adults and we imagine that there is going to be some tension; yet, the two of them will probably be okay in the end. We certainly hope so given the big twist at the end of tonight’s finale: Teddy is pregnant! More than likely, the father is Owen based on what we saw this season.

Obviously, she also knows a number of different people within the Grey’s Anatomy world and there could be some interesting interactions there, as well.

Raver has certainly been busy since she was last a full-time regular on Grey’s Anatomy, doing stints on the 24 franchise as well as an arc on Revolution and then also Designated Survivor a little bit later this season. (Raver altered between appearing on Grey’s Anatomy and Designated Survivor this year.)

Grey’s Anatomy season 15 is going to be premiering a little bit later this fall, and hopefully we are going to offer some more updates as time goes on. We imagine that if Raver is going to have a larger role we will know well before the new season premieres.

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