The Blacklist season 5 finale: James Spader knew about Reddington twist

The Blacklist logo any seasonFor anyone out there thinking that the ending for The Blacklist season 5 was something that came about last minute, here’s proof that it’s not. As it turns out, James Spader has known for quite some time now about the series’ central twist that Raymond Reddington, or at least the man that we’ve come to know as that character, is actually a totally different person. The real Raymond Reddington is dead and has been for a very long time. The DNA of the bones is tied to the real Reddington … or Deadington as we really want to start calling him.

In speaking on the subject of what James knows, and the character of his “Raymond Reddington,” here is what executive producer Jon Bokenkamp had to say to Entertainment Weekly:

James has known and it’s something we’ve talked extensively about. The cast did not know, as far as I know. I’m always the last to know, so I have really no idea who else knew. But the thing I want to point out is that it doesn’t change tuning in to watch Spader be Raymond Reddington. He’s lived as Raymond Reddington long enough to be this person, right? He has told great stories, he has had great experiences, he’s become a world-class criminal and probably become a far more interesting person than the real Raymond Reddington ever dreamed of becoming.

I remember talking with James, it was probably right after we shot the pilot, and we were talking about what the show would be, how it would look and feel, and who this character was. The thing that has always stuck with me is that when James read the pilot, he had said that he felt like, at the end of the episode, it’s almost like he knew less about the character than he knew when he started reading the episode. We wanted to somehow hold on to that concept, that Reddington should be somebody who, once you think you understand who he is, you realize you know nothing about him. I think tonight is an example obviously of how we have tried to stay true to that, that he’s a very enigmatic figure that is a bit of a shape-shifter.

That is a really beautiful way to describe this character, especially now since we know so much about these experiences but very little in terms of who this “Reddington” actually is. This may be something that we learn more about throughout season 6, but it feels like the writers probably are not going to be in much of a hurry to disclose his real identity. That feels almost like something for another finale.

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(Photo: NBC.)

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