Survivor: Ghost Island finale preview: Who could win?

Survivor: Ghost Island finaleNext week, the Survivor: Ghost Island finale is finally going to arrive! It’s been a pretty fun post-merge game and moving into the last episode, there is a feeling that almost anything could still happen.

There are six people still remaining in the game, and of this group, we also think that there are three solid contenders to emerge as the winner.

Domenick – He’s been presented as the strategic mastermind most of the game and for good reason — he knows this game and is really great at playing it. He’s managed to make it so that nobody really wants to go up against either him or Wendell. Part of that may be their idols, but part of that is also strategy.

Wendell – We think that Wendell’s probably the better social player of the two guys in some regards and that’s what makes this interesting. We almost want them in the final three because it’s hard to call who would win.

Donathan – If he makes it there after being such an underdog for most of the game, how do you not give him the grand prize? We just have a hard time envisioning it.

As for the likes of Laurel, Angela, and Sebastian, maybe Laurel has a small chance but the idea for now seems to be that she’s just moving in the game alongside Wendell and Domenick. If she can blindside the two of them and get to the final three, she probably has a show of winning then. Angela and Sebastian right now just don’t have the story to back them up and we can’t see them beating any of the other remaining players.

Then again, the Survivor finale is two hours and that’s a lot of time for crazy things to happen.

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