Survivor: Ghost Island episode 13 highlights: Is it time for a move?

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 13

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 13 is entitled “Always Be Moving,” and we do think that is a perfect metaphor for how to play the game. Even if you decide not to make a move, you should still be thinking constantly about ways to improve your chances in the game.

In the early moments of the episode tonight, we saw that happen in the form of Donathan realizing that this was the time in which to get a little proactive. He went to Kellyn with an offer to try and work with her. He realized that Laurel was still super-close to Domenick and Wendell, and that closeness was seemingly amplified further when they took her on the reward … with the key word being “seemingly.” In reality, she was ready to take them out at just about any given moment.

Interestingly enough, though, we think that the most memorable moment tonight was Wendell finishing the challenge before Laurel and not calling Jeff over to check in time.

Best Move of the Week – For now, we’re going to give it Domenick and Wendell both for their incredible ability to somehow keep people from voting them out at this point. Sure, they’ve got those immunity idols, but wouldn’t someone really make a move on them eventually if they were bad players? They are two VERY good players proving it right now.

Worst Move of the Week – Donathan openly telling Domenick and Wendell that he isn’t all that interested in going to the final three — plus the blow-up later on in the episode. We’re all for Donathan getting rid of the power players, but why make it harder on yourself when you don’t need to?

Funniest Moment of the Week – We always find it amusing seeing how people react to seeing kids on a reward. Wendell and Laurel acted a little bit like Ethan Zohn; meanwhile, apparently Domenick wanted to see how many children she could carry at once.

Standout Player – When it comes to being memorable you have to give it to Donathan — there’s a part of us that just loves him being so easily combustible. The standout moment in particular tonight was Donathan catching Dom and Wendell engaging. That caused him to completely blow his lid.

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Elimination – For Wendell and Domenick, the debate tonight was if they wanted to get rid of either Kellyn or Donathan. Meanwhile, with Donathan he wanted to try and rally enough people to take out one of the two guys. He was right that this was the time to make a move; yet, like we said, he didn’t need to make it into such a spectacle.

The vote-out tonight was Kellyn rather than Donathan, likely because Wendell and Domenick knew how good of a player she was and with that, a big threat to make a move. It’s still debatable, though, as to whether or not it’s the right move — with all of his public declarations we actually think Donathan would make a better case in front of the jury at the end. We probably would’ve gone with him, but then again maybe Laurel didn’t want to do this and that is why it didn’t happen.

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