Modern Family season 10 premiere date speculation

Modern Family season 10Following tonight’s finale, are you curious to get a little bit more news when it comes to a possible Modern Family season 10 premiere date? If so, be sure to read on.

The first bit of news to get through here is the most obvious part.  of course, Modern Family has been renewed already for a season 10 by ABC. There was never really any doubt when it comes to the shows long-term future, mostly because of the fact that this is one of the most successful comedies on network TV in recent memory. While the ratings may not be what they once were, it does still perform well in syndication and it has a devoted audience all over the entire world. This is one of those shows where you can just show a couple of minutes of it to someone and they will be able to identify immediately most of the characters. It makes you smile, and few shows appeal to as many different people.

One of the ways in which you know the true measure of a show’s success is by how little that network is willing to move it around. Modern Family season 10 is not going to look or feel too much different than the ones that aired beforehand, at least in terms of its premiere date or its timeslot. ABC still has it on the fall schedule for Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. Eastern time. This is the same time slot that it is had from the beginning, and it remains an anchor of almost everything that the network does. More than likely, it will start airing near the end of September.

One of the larger questions that has to be wondered here is whether or not Modern Family is going to end with season 10. After all, this is an enormously long period of time for any comedy series to last, and after a certain point you do have to wonder if the cast and crew will be ready to move on to other things. It is easy to sit here and say that there is still some life left, largely because other shows like The Big Bang Theory have lasted a little bit longer. There are, however, a few differences between the two. Most notably, Modern Family is a little more time-consuming to make since it does not have the same multi-camera format. Also, it has younger cast members who have grown up over the course of the series.

If Modern Family season 10 does turn out to be the final season of the show, the biggest thing that we can hope for is that ABC will confirm the news at some point in the near future. That will give the writers time to develop a perfect ending. If there is a reason to have optimism for a season 11, it may just be the fact that ABC and Fox could be coming together soon because of Disney’s apparent acquisition. That could make negotiations between ABC and the studio, 20th Century Fox TV, a little bit easier than they have been in the past. (These negotiations have been drawn out at times due to conflicts between the network and studio.)

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