Will Outlander season 4 start date have any impact on Emmys, Golden Globes?

Outlander season 4With the Outlander season 4 premiere date being pushed back until later in the fall, it is understandable that there are a lot of different questions that come as a result of that. With this in mind, today just felt like the right time to dive into one that many readers have wondered about: Will the later start date impact the Emmys or the Golden Globes?

Let’s kick things off here by discussing what’s happening in terms of the Emmys this summer. Outlander season 3 is eligible for those and nothing is going to change. Even if season 4 premieres at the same time of the year that season 3 did, it wouldn’t have any impact on that award show at all.

Where things get a little more interesting on paper comes in the form of the Golden Globes. After all, Golden Globe nominations tend to be announced in early December, which may only be a few weeks after Outlander season 4 premieres. Is that a quick turnaround for nominations? Absolutely, but it has certainly happened in the past. A good example of that is when Showtime ended up actually winning Golden Globes for The Affair, a series that also premiered fairly late in the year on the occasion in which it won. As for how this is possible, a lot of Golden Globe boots for voters often get screeners for many episodes in advance, so there is a pretty good chance that they could be voting on a larger percentage of Outlander season 4 then what the majority of the viewing public has seen at the point the voting window is open.

As a matter of fact, in some ways Outlander premiering a little later in the year could be beneficial for Golden Globe voters. As with any other award show, there does tend to be a tendency for people to remember things that are freshest in their mind. If voters are just starting to watch Outlander right before casting their ballots, there is a pretty good chance that they are going to remember it. In taking this a step further, it may in some way give the show an air of exclusivity that voters have been able to watch it before viewers at home. Every does like to feel special, right? Maybe in some bizarre way this could end up helping the show’s chances there. In general the Golden Globes have been pretty good to Outlander over the years, at least in terms of nominations. It would still be nice to see some major wins, though!

Outlander season 4 will be eligible for the Emmys in 2019, and beyond that everything will depend on when Outlander season 5 premieres. For example, if season 5 does not start up until 2020 then at that point, it will be forced to sit out the 2020 Golden Globe Awards. It would have to premiere in 2019 in order to be eligible and we’re not sure any season 5 episodes will have aired by the time the 2020 Golden Globes ceremony happens.

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