NCIS: New Orleans season 4 finale: Should LaSalle return?

Lucas BlackIs Lucas Black leaving NCIS: New Orleans following the season 4 finale? We know that this is a big question that is, understandably, out there based on the way in which the installment came to a close.

While the cliffhanger surrounding Black’s Christopher LaSalle was by far smaller than the one that revolved around Dwayne Pride, it is still notable nonetheless. After all, the character is now facing some serious tax issues with his family business, and it’s a terrible situation that he inherited that is really no fault of his own. Unfortunately, though, there is really not all that much he can do about that. He just has to tackle it.

There have been no public inclinations that Black will be leaving the show, even if the cliffhanger does create an option for that to be the case. While anything can happen within the world of TV and we absolutely did not expect to be losing Shalita Grant when we did this season, we do think that there is hope to see LaSalle still. At the time in which he opted to head back to Alabama in the finale, we never got the sense by any means that he planned for his exit to be permanent. With that in mind, we feel a certain degree of confidence that he is going to be coming back around in the future.

Also, can this show really handle THAT much more turnover? Just think for a moment about how much of it we’ve had so far in between seeing what happened with Percy and then also some of the departures that took place a little earlier on in the series’ run.

One way or another, we will learn a little bit more regarding what is coming up for LaSalle and the remainder of the team when season 5 premieres later this year.

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