NCIS: New Orleans season 4 finale review: The Dwayne Pride frame job

NCIS: New Orleans season 4 premiereThe NCIS: New Orleans season 4 finale aired on CBS Tuesday night and as the episode went along, it was pretty clear just why Dwayne Pride was being targeted. This wasn’t just about the government trying to arrest Pride for wrongdoing. Instead, it was the opposite; a few select people in power were using him as a fall guy to alter New Orleans as a whole. They set him up as the perpetrator in an attack on the Navy, mostly so that they could be the heroes and use that to seize power.

In the first part of the finale focused on Barlow and his plan to completely devastate the entire New Orleans team; moving into part two, the next part of the story brought in Gossett into the mix. Lou Diamond Phillips’ character, a decorated veteran and hero to the city, turned out to be working with Barlow. The two of them were going to use Pride for an attack that would claim Mayor Taylor’s life.

Watching the entire team work together in order to ensure that Pride was okay was pretty fantastic — it was a group effort — it was action-packed at times and also fiercely dramatic at others. It’s a good thing that Pride has the trust of his team since otherwise, he would probably be completely screwed right now.

After the team ended up being successful in thwarting Barlow’s plot, Sydney managed to ambush him and deliver a message: “The game is over.” It certainly was given that Barlow ended up taking his own life after realizing that there was no way for him to get out of this situation without being in handcuffs.

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Unfortunately, there is one other problem that still exists — major tax issues with LaSalle’s company. He is going to be forced to head back to Alabama to deal with some issues related to his family business for a while and it doesn’t seem clear as to when he will return. We’re not too worried about his character’s future, though — consider this a temporary setback.

Cliffhanger Time

Of course, it was too easy to just assume that Pride was going to end this finale in one piece! In the closing minutes Dwayne was doing his part to relax after everything that happened. Amelia (who tussled with Syndey earlier on in the episode and was working with Barlow’s crew) shot Pride and now, he’s bleeding out on the floor.

CarterMatt Verdict

One of the things that NCIS: New Orleans does better than any other edition of the franchise is coming up with great villains. We had that with Barlow and then Gossett in the finale, much like we had with Mayor Hamilton throughout the end of season 3. This was a great culmination to most of the season and an episode full of great drama.

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