The Terror episode 10 (finale) preview: The final survivors

The Terror episode 10The Terror episode 10 is coming up on AMC next week and with that, the story of some of these stranded men is finally going to come to a close. They will be grasping with the reality of the situation, but beyond that also their mortality and even their sanity. These men have starved, been stranded, and driven to violence and madness for the sake of survival. We’ve seen the tables turn and new allegiances form.

Now, we’re going to see almost everything come to a close. The final episode is titled “We Are Gone” and that’s a pretty strong indication of what’s coming and what’s happening. This is going to be an episode where we could reach the end of the road, whether it be the Tuunbaq or some other elements of Inuit mythology.

Below, The Terror episode 10 synopsis offer up some more insight when it comes to what lies ahead:

With summer coming to an end, the men of the expedition discover that in times of great jeopardy, epic risks and sacrifices must be made. As their increasingly surreal journey reaches a point of crisis, they find themselves in one final confrontation with the Inuit mythology that has been confounding and stalking them from the start.

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The one thing that we’re expecting over the course of the finale is something rather simple: A resolution. It’s hard to imagine that there is going to be some sort of continuation beyond this episode since this was a show always destined to have a beginning, middle, and end. It’s a story about human expansionism, conquest, and what happens to those who defy attempts at understanding. Maybe you can view it as a cautionary tale, but even if you don’t, maybe you just view it as pretty incredible entertainment.

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