Lucifer season 3 finale review: An angel, a devil, and also a man

Lucifer season 3 finaleThe Lucifer season 3 finale proved itself to be all sorts of outstanding. Unfortunately, it also leaves you on probably the biggest cliffhanger of the entire series.

While Lucifer did tell Chloe last week that he was “the devil,” she understandably thought that this just meant that he was speaking in metaphors. Now, she knows the truth: He is an actual devil with a Devil Face that came back at the most inopportune time: Right when she walked in on him hovering over Marcus Pierce body. He did this in part knowing that Cain was trying to kill him, but also at the same time because he frankly enjoyed it. He hated Marcus so much for who he was and what he did that he relished in the opportunity to inflict this sort of damage upon him.

Unfortunately for Chloe, she now has a crash course in precisely who Lucifer is … though she also saw all sides of it even if she didn’t properly understand it at first. Lucifer first used his wings in order to shield her from bullets belonging to Marcus and the rest of his crew; then, she saw the devil face at the end. This episode really explored the idea of self-sovereignty within the world of the show. For most of its run, Lucifer has assumed that there is a direct relationship between some of his actions and what God wanted / didn’t want for him. However, he has now started to figure out instead that there is something so much deeper at the heart of everything. He can choose and, for better or worse, his actions are his own.

Watching the final showdown between Lucifer and Cain was gripping and emotional, but everything leading up to it was, as well, in between the always-fantastic performance of Tom Ellis and then also seeing Dan still come to terms with Charlotte Richards’ death. Maze tried to redeem herself from her past mistakes and while we didn’t see Amenadiel tonight, we like to think that he was off helping to care for Charlotte’s soul.

This was an episode about redemption for some, but also a reminder that Lucifer still is who he is. He may love Chloe, but he’s a devil at his core and there will always be someone able to pull this out of him.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We adore Lucifer as a series and this finale was a perfect example why. Even though we find this show delightfully fun at times, this was gloriously dark, painful, and above all interesting. It’s a travesty that Fox canceled it and our hope now is that it finds a home worthy of its talents.

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