Cancellation Poll: Are you most upset about Scorpion, Lucifer, The Brave, Designated Survivor, or another show?

We’ve made it through Bloody Friday, one of the worst days for any TV fan out there. After all, a number of shows were canceled across various networks and this year, there were many of them that were especially heartbreaking.

While we know that there are some more decisions coming for shows like Gotham, Timeless, Lethal Weapon, and a few others, for now we’ve compiled a list of the ten shows we are the most upset about ending. Hopefully, some of these shows can get saved, and that’s one of the intentions of the CarterMatt Cancellation Poll! We want to gauge reader and viewer interest as we look to explore possibilities for many of the shows below. Read about the shows, and then vote for your favorite in the poll below! It’s really quite simple.

Voting Rules – Vote however many times you like! Voting is open between now and 1:00 p.m. Pacific time on Friday, May 18. We’ll announce a “winner” of the poll then, but really this is about generating as much attention as possible for all of the shows included.

I can’t see the poll; what do I do? – If you’re on mobile, scroll to the bottom and click to view the non-AMP version. If you still can’t, try to either clear your cache or use a different browser/device.

Scorpion – Despite running for four seasons and having a lot of fun, energetic, and entertaining episodes, Scorpion is ending on a really dramatic cliffhanger where Walter and Paige are no longer together and, to go along with it, the team has broken up.

Lucifer – The Fox series’ cancellation has led to protests on Twitter and petitions around the internet — we’ve tried to push the series to end up on The CW (#LuciferCW), but in reality any home would be great for the funny, creative, and oft-poignant show.

Designated Survivor – Despite having a great star Kiefer Sutherland and a story that touches on a wide array of political drama, ABC has sent the show out to pasture after two seasons — and the potential is there for a cliffhanger at the tail end.

The Last Man on Earth – Speaking of cliffhangers, Will Forte and company did just about everything that they could in order to convince the Fox brass to bite on giving the show more episodes. Unfortunately, it just didn’t stick.

Life Sentence – Despite having a big star in Pretty Little Liars alum Lucy Hale, the CW series never quite got off the ground and, following its move to Friday night, the ratings only suffered more.

The Brave – The winner of our TV Madness series earlier this year and one of the most underrated shows of the past year; unfortunately, it feels like far too many viewers got hooked on it either near the end of the season or after it was already over via DVR.

Deception – A fun, inventive, magician-led ABC mystery show that had a lot going for it on paper. It got off to a great start following the premiere of American Idol, but unfortunately in the weeks that followed it couldn’t keep its momentum.

The Exorcist – There isn’t a whole lot of great horror on television but The Exorcist brought it — unfortunately, in the process it just couldn’t get the viewership to stick around following a first season that was low-rated to begin with.

Quantico – The ABC series boasts a huge star internationally Priyanka Chopra and we know that it’s a big success in some countries. Unfortunately, it never could find the stability it needed in America and its late premiere this year hurt it further.

The Crossing – Despite an ambitious premise and some really creative thinking, the show was almost doomed from the start in premiering so late in the year with very little nationwide promotion behind it.

The Expanse – The one cable entry to the list, added mostly due to the aggravation / frustration we have for Syfy canceling it despite steady ratings from season 2 onto season 3. What gives with that?

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