Timeless season 2 episode 9 review: Is Jessica really with Rittenhouse?

Timeless season 2 episode 9On Timeless season 2 episode 9 Sunday night, the two-part finale ended with one of its most dramatic reveals of the entire season: Jessica seems to be a fairly active part of Rittenhouse. It’s not so much her being an unknowing participant. Judging from her getting in the Lifeboat with a gun in tow, she certainly seems like she knows precisely what she is doing.

As you would imagine at the moment, this is a problem — especially since it could also have some big implications for Jiya. Her prophecies are a big problem for Rittenhouse and it makes some sense that they would want to extract her from the bunker.

Whose fault is all of this, really? Well, this is where things get troubling for Wyatt. It was him who refused to take Jessica away from the bunker and with that in mind, she was able to execute the next phase of her plan. We don’t blame him given that he loved Jessica and remembered a specific iteration of her from his past; it was hard for him to really understand how she could be different, even if he was warned by Agent Christopher to get her away from the Lifeboat prior to the mission at the heart of the story.

For those who love history, we imagine that you very much enjoyed getting to see the show’s version of Harriet Tubman in the past. This whole story was Timeless as we know and love it, as the focus was placed heavily on one of history’s greatest underdogs and everything that they did in order to change history. The problem of course for Tubman on the show was that Rittenhouse was making some of her struggles so much worse.

The issue for Rittenhouse

As it turns out, there were also some problems behind the scenes for the group as Carol and Emma continue to jostle for power. As of right now it feels like Carol is the person who has most of the power over Emma, and she is doing everything that she can in order to bring forward the whole “family” aspect of Rittenhouse.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Basically, this was an epic episode of the show with a huge twist at the end of the hour — and it was thoroughly entertaining the entire time. If you love Timeless and want to see the show back for more, this is a good example as to why it should return.

One other character we’d love to explore more is Stanley the pilot, given the history that he has with Connor Mason and, to go along with it, some of what has transpired with him over time.

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