Blue Bloods season 9: What follows Jamko engagement twist?

Blue Bloods season 8

While we know that there are many people out there who loved the big Jamko engagement twist at the end of Blue Bloods season 8, we know that there is one question that still comes after it: Where do things go now? Beyond just that, can Jamie and Eddie really actually work together and still be a couple at the same time?

As it turns out, they can given the rules that were set up in the finale. Showrunner Kevin Wade confirmed this to TVLine, who also went on to explain some of what could be coming up next:

“The only thing that has to happen is that their CO has to be informed — if not by them, then by somebody else. Two cops who are engaged to be married and working in the same precinct would be beholden to tell their CO of their plans, so we will deal with that in the beginning of the next season. But I think it was a surprise to even Jim Nuciforo, who’s a veteran NYPD and our long-standing tech advisor. I said, ‘Jimmy, is it written anywhere?’ He said, ‘Of course it is, let me get back to you….’ And he came back and he said, ‘Actually, no, it’s not.'”

With this, you have to give the Blue Bloods writers a little more credit for finding a way to both have their cake and eat it too. It couldn’t have been easy to come up with a way in which to give Jamko fans what they wanted without also changing the relationship.

Moving forward, though, the priority has to be figuring out a way to keep the relationship strong without also changing the one that exists between these two characters at work. This is where you rely on the architecture that is already in place, allowing these two characters to remain strong-willed and capable of making some of their own decisions. We don’t think that it should be too big of an issue given that Blue Bloods has never been all that romantic a show in the first place. This is probably why we didn’t get an engagement actually shown in the episode; instead, we picked up after the fact.

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