Blue Bloods season 9: Where does Jamko go from here?

Blue Bloods season 8

Did anyone else think that this is a conversation that they’d be having tonight? I sure didn’t. Given the Blue Bloods track record of moving you forward at a snail’s pace, this is precisely what was expected tonight. Maybe the two would kiss or admit to having feelings for one another.

The moment that Jamie asked for another chair to be seated for family dinner, everything changed. Something was different, and the relationship moved forward all the way to an engagement! It feels like Jamie and Eddie played Monopoly and got the card to pass go without having to hit up all of the stops along the way.

Yet, this quick “that escalated quickly” engagement actually makes sense within the Blue Bloods world! It’s almost the opposite of what you’d expect but this is a show where police procedure is a part of almost every moment. I didn’t know just what the show was doing when the engagement reveal first happened; then, it was totally cleared up when it was clear that this was a move made, in part, to make sure that Jamko didn’t have to stop working together. With that in mind, it feels like Blue Bloods may be getting the two married sooner rather than later!

While this would probably be super-rushed for any ordinary couple, it’s hardly like Jamie and Eddie have zero experience working together. They’ve been together more, and probably casually flirting more, than almost any other couple out there leading up to an engagement. They can get married and we don’t actually think that anything would be altogether different for them.

With that being said, is it wrong to want to actually see the Jamko wedding? It would be really fun to see what wedding planning is like for the Reagan family and how they bring everyone together. I totally understand the appeal that could be there for the show to stick to its format and marrying the two off between seasons, but wouldn’t this make for a fun premiere event? After so many years — and no actual engagement shown on TV tonight — is it too much to ask to see the wedding itself?

For now, though, my Jamko-loving heart can celebrate what happened tonight … while also looking forward to whatever the future could hold from here.

Did you love the engagement tonight, and do you want to see a big wedding happen for Jamie and Eddie on Blue Bloods season 9? Share some of your thoughts in the comments!

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