The Brave season 2: Should NBC move the show to Fridays?

NBC has yet to make a decision regarding its freshmen show The Brave and while we are hoping the show gets renewed, it’s still considered a bubble show. One thing we think that NBC should consider is moving the show to Friday nights. Every show has the perfect place for it, and the network just has to find it. We believe Fridays would be a good place for the show, because NBC needs to fill that space and with Friday nights becoming a popular place for exciting, action packed dramas like MacGyver or Hawaii Five-0 this might be a good spot to grab that audience.

The Brave has attracted a very vocal and passionate fanbase and if the show was moved to Fridays that vocal fandom could help attract more audience members. Fridays are a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to television – either shows are moved there to die, or they really take off. As we’ve mentioned, shows like MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods have all killed it on Friday nights and in many ways The Brave would fit into that landscape perfectly. By moving the show to this day it allows room for growth and while these fans are passionate there needs to be more of them.

Another option for the show is to have it premiere during the summer. Now while many people aren’t in front of their televisions during warmer months, there are nights during the week where people want something to watch. There have been past shows that have had success during the summer and this show could really excel. The summer would also mean less competition. The downside would be the less likelihood of a lead in, but it might not need one if it premiered during the summer.

As we have mentioned before The Brave is a very unique and breath of fresh of air. It isn’t like any other show on television and we believe this show can attract more fans if it just found the right time to air. It’s obvious the fans want more. They have been very vocal on Twitter and have been tweeting for months to NBC to get them to renew the series and we want to continue to encourage this. Bubble shows need their fans to speak up. Many times a bubble show will get renewed if the network knows there are fans who want to see it come back (Timeless is a great example of this). So to The Brave fans keep on tweeting at NBC and keep expressing you desire of a season 2.

The Brave aired on NBC on  Mondays at 10 p.m. and whether or not it comes back to that time, we want to see it return.

This article was written by Samantha D’Amico.

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