Blue Bloods season 8 finale video: Danny visits Linda Reagan’s grave

Blue Bloods season 8

The Blue Bloods season 8 finale is coming up on CBS Friday, and judging from the sneak peek below alone it’s clear that you are going to see Linda Reagan factor into the story.

In this sneak peek you can see Danny pay a visit to Linda’s grave, and in the process of that struggle with the fact that it has been so long since her death. He is having a hard time coping with her death in the midst of a precarious time and we like to think that this is one of many visits that he has made to her grave over the years.

We do think that the Blue Bloods finale is potentially going to come full-circle to where we were at the premiere for a number of different reasons, with one of the biggest ones being that the premiere was when Linda was first taken away from us. The departure of Linda Carlson’s character remains to us one of the biggest surprises in recent history, largely because of A) the way in which it was promoted and B) the complete silence around it. Somehow, the Blue Bloods cast and crew was able to turn this into a complete surprise and that’s not something that you often see anymore.

Hopefully, this finale does give Danny a chance to find some sort of healing. We do think that he deserves a chance to find happiness again in the future, and season 9 could be the perfect time to look back at that and explore it once more — provided that you’ve got the right love interest in mind. The last thing that you want to do is throw it out there just for the sake of giving Danny a romantic story; the love that he has for Linda and, in turn, his entire family, is one of the things that we love the most about the character.

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(Photo: CBS.)

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