Lucifer season 3 episode 23 review: Deckerstar and death

Lucifer season 3 episode 23Going into Lucifer season 3 episode 23, there were certainly all sorts of promises that we were going to be getting something incredibly dramatic. What we saw in the closing minutes of the episode certainly qualified as that and then some.

We thought going into this episode that we would be discussing something big for Lucifer and Chloe and we certainly well; yet, we also saw Cain shoot Charlotte Richards after originally intending to kill Amenadiel. This was his move in order to try and infuriate God enough to get his mark back. Originally, he had a plan to rope in Maze to commit the act along with him; however, in the end he was the one who committed the act after she backed out. She tried to justify this by acting as though the plan would not work; yet, we just don’t think she could bring herself to do it. Her heart won out over her desire to get back to hell. Unfortunately, along the way Pierce knocked her out before shooting Charlotte later.

Is Charlotte dead? Based on what we saw at the end of the episode, signs certainly point at the moment towards this being the case. Amenadiel seemed to carry her up to Heaven in the closing minutes, leaving behind one last feather in his wake. It’s especially tragic to see her death happen at this point, right after Charlotte helped so many other people by taking down a serial abuser. She did one of the most-heroic things that we’ve seen from her since the start of the series; yet, this is how she was repaid for the act in the end.

If this is the end, goodbye Charlotte — you will be missed, and hopefully justice will be served.

More than quintessential Deckerstar

While Lucifer’s confession of “I am the Devil” was brief (and we’re not quite sure Chloe understood fully the implications of it), he still did make said confession. He admitted to his feelings and, in the end, that is what caused the Detective to finally fall for him. It was the one thing that had alluded him for most of the season and now, the two characters seem to be closer to an actual relationship than ever. Yet, they kissed and mere moments after that the phone call about Charlotte’s death came in.

Whatever sort of romantic moment that was meant to come next will now have to wait until the finale, or potentially beyond.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Lucifer season 3 episode 23 delivered a fantastic, twist-filled episode that caused us to be both incredibly happy and also devastated. There is one episode left and at this point, it’s abundantly clear that the writers have their work cut out for them trying to resolve all of this moving into the last episode.

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