Gotham season 4 episode 20 review: This is NOT Jerome

Gotham season 4 episode 20Gotham season 4 episode 20 really did a good job of executing one thing more than any other on Thursday night: Drawing a pretty enormous distinction between Jerome and his brother Jeremiah. While Jeremiah has clearly now broke bad, he is not the same sort of villain — he’s calculating, smart, but still very much wicked.

We saw all of this play out courtesy of his attempt to create chaos in all of Gotham. He did a great job of tricking everyone in Gotham into believing that they should all run amok and cause trouble for Jerome’s wake. He ended up letting Jerome’s lackeys invade the GCPD and serve as a massive distraction for what he was actually planning. He wanted to make Bruce Wayne suffer, but beyond that he wanted to blow up much of the city using some of his homemade “generators” … which were really just fancy bombs at the end of the day.

What we saw from Jeremiah tonight was infinitely more terrifying than anything that we’ve seen his brother achieve, largely just because of the fact that Jerome wasn’t capable of plotting anything so large-scale and so deadly. He also has a worthy sidekick in Ecco, who is clearly his own version of Harley Quinn and even has a mask to boot.

With Jeremiah eventually causing so much peril, this did serve as a perfect distraction for some of the other villains at the heart of the episode. We basically saw Solomon Grundy and Oswald continuing their team-up in their efforts of getting Butch the cure. The partnership between the two remains very much fun — they have larger goals, but we are getting a good sense that they are willing to have a rather good time in the process.

Meanwhile, Nygma found himself disguised and sneaking into the GCPD in an effort to help to lend a helping hand to Lee Thompkins. The relationship between the two characters is certainly one of the season’s biggest surprise — we weren’t quite sure when we first got a sense that Lee / Nygma could be a thing that we’d be all about it, but there was something rather sweet about Ed risking himself to go into the madhouse that was the GCPD in order to find her. Eventually, they were able to make their escape. Following that, they kissed underneath the stairwell.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall, Gotham season 4 episode 20 was a crazy episode, but one that was the perfect combination of crazy and controlled. Jeremiah put his plan into motion and in the aftermath of what we saw tonight, it was pretty darn clear that Jeremiah is now in control.

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