The Blacklist season 5: Who was behind latest murder?

The Blacklist logo any seasonWho killed Naomi Hyland? This is a question that you should be wondering after watching The Blacklist season 5 on Wednesday night … provided that Jennifer is telling the truth.

When thinking a little bit further about the latest big death on the series, you have to consider the lens by which we were being told the story. According to Jennifer Reddington, Naomi was gunned down by some mystery characters and she didn’t even know the truth about her death for a good year after it happened. She claimed that Naomi’s husband eventually was able to track her down with some answers.

If this is true, who would’ve done it? It’s an interesting new loose end given that Reddington and Naomi were not even in contact anymore. Why would someone go after someone who James Spader’s character doesn’t even care about? That’s something that you should be wondering at this particular moment in time. It’s possible that Naomi may have had some separate skeletons in her closet but based on what we remember from the character, that feels unlikely.

Depending on the truth behind this story, we wouldn’t be shocked if a big part of a season 6 was spent about trying to unravel this mystery — or at least a few episodes or so. Of course, that is depending on the truth.

A likely scenario right now is simply this — Naomi bought a plot with her name on it and concocted this whole story with Jennifer in the event they ever had to use it. Jennifer is her father’s daughter so she should have the ability to lie. This would ensure that he kept his business and, in turn, never track down Naomi again. (Of course, this is assuming that Reddington isn’t desperate enough to dig up a grave.)

For now, we do think that whoever killed Naomi, provided she is dead, is someone who has a leg up on Reddington and is willing to take out anyone he once loved. With that, Jennifer should be every bit as worried about these attackers as she is about Reddington. The same goes for Liz.

What did you think about Wednesday night’s new episode of The Blacklist and, to go along with that, the big Naomi Hyland reveal? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments!

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