The Resident episode 12 review: The Raptor; Nic’s new problem

Resident episode 12Even though much of The Resident is, quite understandably, focused on the story of Nic Nevin’s attempts to take down Lane Hunter, there was some room in Monday’s episode for a few other important stories, as well.

To be specific, we are speaking here in part about what happened to Bradley, a young doctor who may have fallen through the roof simply due to passing out from exhaustion. For Dr. Bell, though, he was a little more interested in passing it off as a suicide attempt — and understandably so, since it wouldn’t look too good for his career that he was overworking some of his doctors to this point.

Bradly survived the fall but, in the aftermath of what happened, he struggled to come to grips with some of his thoughts — including why he wanted to be a doctor in the first place. He admitted to having some suicidal thoughts because of the pressure and desire to escape. Even though his injury was actually brought on by many different things, what this episode showed up tonight was a very clear reminder of just what some doctors go through. Being a part of a team like this is not for everyone — even if you love some of the work, that doesn’t mean you love the pressure and anxiety that can come for it.

Meet a new (confident) doc, a.k.a. The Raptor

As for what else we saw tonight, we got a good spotlight on Dr. AJ Austin, a man who, if the hospital was powered solely on confidence, could probably keep it running for weeks. He knows how to do just about everything in the world of medicine, but he is hardly good when it comes to making friends. Is her talented at his job? Sure, but his bedside manner is a hot mess. Dr. Okafor, in the aftermath of Austin’s operation, gave an honest report to Dr. Bell. She ended up recommending him to join the surgical staff — provided that he does not work on any conscious patients who would have to deal with him.

Here’s the problem with Dr. Austin? He has a history of working out of fear — like we said, terrible bedside manner, but he’s absolutely good at his job. What was interesting was that Dr. Bell was able to figure out some of his vulnerabilities, including his history of problems outside the OR. He was able to figure out that there weren’t too many other suitors for a guy like this out there, no matter how good he is at his job.

Now, let’s get to Nic

She had some time off after being let go from the hospital and she spent much of it trying to get to the bottom of Dr. Lane Hunter’s past. She found many clues courtesy of what happened to her under a different name but in the end, she did end up encountering more trouble than anything else. Her meeting at the medical board was canceled and, beyond that, she also found herself in a position where she was being followed by some very dangerous people.

In the end, what Lane did figure out in this episode was rather important: Lane has something else to hide. It’s so important that someone is actually photographing her every move.

CarterMatt Verdict

Overall The Resident episode 12 proved that it was another very entertaining,

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