Supergirl season 3 episode 16 review: Worldkillers, assemble

Supergirl season 3 episode 15On Supergirl season 3 episode 16 Monday night what we saw can be described as Reign discovering her dark side.

As we learned already through the past two episodes, Lena Luthor has been working to figure out how exactly to stop Samantha from becoming Reign — and, in turn, how to ensure that eventually, she can get some element of her life back. Unfortunately, for most of the episode Lena wasn’t having much success. She was able to shock her into a sort of stasis to better examine and search for the trigger; however, doing this caused Sam enormous pain — and then also put her into a world where she was forced to face her second self in a very painful, brutal way. Reign wanted to turn her, to conquer her once and for all, but Sam refused.

Leading up to the end of the episode the good news was that Sam had continued to fight the impulses; however, in the closing minutes Supergirl and the rest of the team uncovered the secret lair … which the Worldkillers unfortunately also found. They were also able to bust Sam out of there — which means, moving forward, that the three of them are all together. This is bad. Very bad.

For now, though, let’s backtrack to focus on everything else that transpired during this episode.

The search for Pestilence

Elsewhere in National City, Imra and Supergirl were very much at odds with what to do with the Worldkiller, mostly because Imra knew about how she would eventually become the blight. Imra didn’t like killing, but was clearly willing to do so in order to ensure that countless lives in the future were safe. It felt more and more like this was something that was needed, especially when both Winn and Alex both started themselves to be infected.

Pestilence turned out to be a doctor in Grace who served as the hospital and what made her so interesting was that she actually had embraced fully her alter ego. She liked being evil and the power that came along with it. When talking her down didn’t work, that led to the next order of business: Trying to battle against her. Kara found herself damaged by Pestilence but when the moment struck, Imra was ready to kill her. Unfortunately, she didn’t get that chance. Right when Imra was set to deliver the final blow Julia a.k.a. Purity arrived; with that, the two Worldkillers took off together.

The one bit of good news that came out of this episode was getting a chance to see Alex and Winn recover from their ailment. Meanwhile, Imra told Kara after the mission that what happened with her sister in the blight is one of the big motivating factors into why she wanted to kill Pestilence in the first place.

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CarterMatt Verdict

As a whole, Supergirl season 3 episode 16 delivered all sorts of great content. What was very good about it, other than giving Jeremy Jordan a chance to have a great monologue, was giving you an expansion of the relationship between Kara and Imra. Rather than making them into cheesy love-triangle characters there’s something more here.

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