Chicago Med season 3 finale interview: Show execs on Will, Natalie, Sarah, and surprises

Chicago Med season 3 finaleTuesday night the Chicago Med season 3 finale will arrive, and over the course of the hour you will see many major developments. There are big things coming for a wide array of characters whether it be Will and Natalie, Ethan and April, and Sarah in her quest to figure things out with her father. It’s a very personal finale that should certainly make people eager for season 4, which luckily was ordered this past week.

In our most recent interview below, executive producers Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov set up the story for the final episode, plus also detail some of the themes for season 3 and also if they are planning ahead for what’s next.

CarterMatt – Was the idea for the finale something that you planned out long in advance, or did it cultivate itself in the writers room over time?

Frolov – It was really both of those things. As we watched the characters develop and the storylines develop, we started to think further out, but, we began the season with a general arc that we were taking the characters on. That can change as we go along the way.

Schneider – Some of the things that we deal with and resolve, in some cases, are Will and Natalie’s romantic relationship. It’s dealt with. Sarah Reese’s father is dealt with and her continuing relationship with him and Dr. Charles. Ethan and his sister Emily, there’s a surprise about that and his relationship with April. Then, there’s the whole conjoined twins story with Connor, that was first set up a few episodes ago. That comes to a resolution in this finale.

You’ve been building up this operation with the conjoined twins for a while now. What excited you about taking that sort of case on?

Frolov – It provided a lot of story elements. There’s the rehearsing [the surgery] and it set up a competitive situation with Ava and Connor. They’re vying for a position and that gave us story. It’s a very rare operation and that in itself was something to explore. It’s an emotional story, as you can imagine with the parents going through this. It was a very rich area for us.

What we’re always looking for in our medical cases is how they impact the doctors and what is going on with the doctors at the time those medical cases arrive.

Specifically with Connor and Ava, what’s it been like building that relationship up this season? Is there going to be any peak or resolution with that?

Frolov – I don’t know if you’ll walk away from the finale knowing what’s going to happen, but what we’re seeing between the two of them is a deepening of their relationship on a different kind of level.

Schneider – Their relationship is very complex. They are attracted to each other, but they’re also competitive with each other. They have A-type personalities and are very ambitious, so that interferes with the potential romance.

Frolov – Neither one of them wants to be vulnerable to the other one because of their past history.

How many boxes of Kleenex should I get for the finale? Is this going to be an emotional cliffhanger?

Schneider (laughs) – You should probably have a little Kleenex on hand. We hope that it will be a very engaging, satisfying episode and one that will make you want to come back.

Thematically, was family a big theme that you emphasized this season, or was that something that was just fun to explore in season 3 when we’re starting to get to know these characters?

Schneider – I’d said both! It’s like Diane said earlier. We had some ideas early on to bring in family, but also how those stories developed and progressed as the season did. We saw these relationships and how to explore the impact of those relationships on our regulars’ lives.

Are you already starting to think of ideas and look at possible cases for season 4?

Frolov – Absolutely. When you’re writing the final episode, you really have to be thinking about if you come back, how you’re going to come back because you’re setting things up. You have to pay off and answer questions.

Schneider – It would be irresponsible to not think about these things (laughs).

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