Lucifer season 3 episode 22 review: Lucifer becomes Chloe (and Dan becomes him)

Lucifer season 3 episode 22Tonight, Lucifer season 3 episode 22 brought you another episode that can be described as all sorts of amazing. This was an episode about relationship insecurity, mastiff puppies, and, beyond that, Lucifer deciding that the only way for him to understand Chloe is to become Chloe.

After realizing that he was going to have to work on this case with Dan while Chloe tried to plan for her wedding, Lucifer did his best to think like her and act like her in the midst of solving the case. That meant a number of different very-amusing things, including seeing Lucifer charge into various rooms when he felt like Dan was about to screw things up. Dan eventually became more like Lucifer in the process, which of course led to many an amusing moment as they had to solve the murder of a notable dog trainer. There were hilarious moments aplenty here, whether it be Dan trying to confront the killer Lucifer-style or Lucifer trying to treat a mastiff as a substitute child.

Dan and Lucifer did solve the case, which does in turn make us think that the two could work together more often if they really wanted to. It also seems as though being around a Chloe-obsessed Lucifer caused Dan to think more about his own personal life. By the end of the episode, that led in turn to him deciding to commit to Charlotte, who certainly had quite the eventful episode in her own right.

Throughout the course of this episode what we ended up seeing can be described as a chaotic stretch of time for Chloe Decker, who was forced to think hard about her engagement with Pierce thanks in part to her time off and a disastrous bachelor party that was being manipulated on two different sides. First, you had Maze trying to make it as tame as possible to better ensure that nothing altogether detrimental happened to Chloe’s relationship with Marcus. Then, you had Charlotte trying to sabotage it as a means to get her closer to Lucifer.

In the end Charlotte did win out given that at the end of the episode, Chloe ended the engagement and returned to work. She just couldn’t get on the same level as Pierce, who was ready to make the next move and have it happen almost immediately. This means that there is a chance once more for Deckerstar, but in the closing minutes it seemed as though Marcus was very much upset to be seeing Chloe back at work and talking with Lucifer. Is he set to take out some revenge now?

CarterMatt Verdict

We’re somewhat surprised to see Chloe’s engagement end so quickly and while we’re happy about it as a Deckerstar fan, more could’ve probably been done to establish her reasoning to end it or willingness to take it in the first place. This issue aside, Lucifer season 3 episode 22 was a lot of fun and it really made a great case for us getting a chance to see potentially more of Dan in a prominent way moving forward.

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