Madam Secretary season 4 episode 19 review: Jason, Piper, & a North Pole problem

Madam Secretary season 4 episode 19What Madam Secretary season 4 episode 19 brought to the table was danger and politics courtesy of a war brewing over the North Pole.

To go along with that, it also brought you a storyline in which Jason and Piper lied to Elizabeth about wanting to join her trip, mostly so that they could try to hook up in a hotel room to Luther Vandross. This episode turned on a dime — after an explosion went off, Elizabeth was concerned that her son and his new girlfriend were caught in the blast. Instead, she walked in on the two of them in bathrobes.

In the aftermath of this, Piper ghosted Jason, who was struggling to figure out how to move forward from what was a pretty depressing situation for him. He did have to apologize to his parents, as he should have, for pulling this whole ridiculous stunt. Unfortunately, at the end of the episode it seemed as though Jason and Piper are done — at least for now. They’re young so we’re not ruling out too much when it comes to the future.

As for the military stand-off in the Arctic Circle, that proved to be a little more complicated. President Dalton and Elizabeth had to make some tough decisions as to whether to engage or disengage with Russia over control; in the end, though Russia back down and with that, everyone ended up being okay. We don’t necessarily see the struggle with Russia and other countries is over but, for now, at least the team can breathe a little easier while having debates over renewal energy sources.

Henry’s struggle

This was fascinating. A student in his ethics class, in part due to what he learned, realized that he didn’t really have it in him anymore to take out enemy combatants, civilians, or anyone else. He just may not have been wired that way. That’s an understandable sentiment given that there are plenty of people who aren’t.

Following this young man, an aspiring fighter pilot, intentionally plagiarizing a paper in order to cause him to flunk, Henry then had to figure out a way to get him conscientious objector status. He didn’t want to abdicate his duties; he just knew what he was willing to do and not do anymore.

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CarterMatt Verdict

We weren’t sure quite how this episode was going to come together given that one big plot point in this episode was Jason and Piper trying to scheme their way into hooking up. Yet, the political storyline was interesting tonight, and for Henry we like the idea of the show exploring the psychological toll that having to kill can play on many different people.

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