Outlander dimensions: Three ways to make Caitriona Balfe shine even brighter in season 4

Outlander season 3 episode 9 photos - Caitriona Balfe

While we await Outlander season 4 coming on the air this fall, it’s never too early to start speculating on the future — and that includes not only memorable scenes, but also memorable performances.

As it is, it feels fair to say that Caitriona Balfe is a bona fide Emmy contender for playing Claire Fraser, just as she was following the end of the second season. She has routinely brought so much to the series in terms of heart, passion, and determination and she, alongside her co-star Sam Heughan, have set the standard for so many others to follow.

Last week, we wrote a story discussing more at length some of the ways in which Outlander could help to make Heughan shine — with this article being a part of our new Dimensions series. This time around, we’re doing the same thing with Balfe! This is a feature that we plan on continuing every weekend for at least the foreseeable future with a number of different performers of note.

1. More scenes of personal discovery – While we know there are many fantastic episodes for Balfe in season 3, we’ve said that “Uncharted” is a favorite just because there’s something that we love about seeing her take on new worlds and characters. She has a bravery about her that is magnetic to watch and it’s reminiscent of the very first season. As season 4 features Claire in a different part of the world than she’s been in before (at least in the 18th century), we’d love to see more of her sense of discovery once more.

2. The grounded side of Claire and Jamie’s relationship – We’ve seen seasons of the characters on the run and also in the midst of near-constant danger. For this season, we would love to see what Jamie and Claire look like in more of a stable environment — in the first few seasons, Claire was often destabilized by her environment. Here, it would be fascinating to see her destabilized by circumstances impacting said environment. Once you get through the discovery phase, seeing Claire and Jamie in more of a stable home, and the conflicts that come with that, would prove to be a great opportunity for Balfe. We could see elements of Claire that we haven’t had a chance to see just yet.

3. More of Claire the mother – “Freedom & Whisky” was a great episode in season 3 in that it offered Balfe up a chance to share some meaty, emotional scenes with Sophie Skelton. Going into the later part of this season we want to see more of that! Why wouldn’t we? We know how protective Claire is of those she cares about, and there are few she cares about more than her daughter. Brianna’s eventual arrival into the past will allow Caitriona the ability to deploy a wide range of different emotions, especially based on some of the various elements that are in play within Drums of Autumn.

Outlander season 4 will premiere on Starz this fall and we’re absolutely excited to see more of the story for Balfe, Heughan, and the rest of the cast unfold.

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