The Good Doctor season 2: The possible future of Shaun and Lea

Good Doctor episode 2 ratingsMrs. Carter: Could we see some great things coming for Shaun Murphy and Lea coming on The Good Doctor season 2?

Based on some of the information that is out there at present, there are some substantial reasons to be excited. For starters, all of the evidence out there points to us getting to see a lot more of the Lea character over the course of season 2. She left following the “Islands” arc around the middle of season 1, but before that established a connection with Freddie Highmore’s character that few others did. She understood his earnestness, his curiosity, and his desire to be the best person he could be. She also understood that while he was not experienced when it comes to love she was more than willing to be patient with them. Their connection was renewal and we were sad right there with Shaun when she decided to leave.

Now that Lea seems to be coming back (no official word as of yet on jerky neighbor Kenny), it’s easy to hope that these two characters could pick up right where they left off and move towards some sort of relationship. Yet, it feels a little bit too easy at the moment to assume that something like this is going to happen. for starters, the relationship between Shaun and Lea at the moment is an unknown. They may still care about each other but it’s clear that Shaun at least has been through a lot since she left. Dr. Glassman, one of the people he cares about and respects more than anyone, is battling cancer. Meanwhile, for Lea she could have a new relationship or other elements going on in her life that weren’t there previously.

We are rooting for the two characters to get together, yet doing so almost right away would be a disservice to some of what they’ve been through since we last had a chance to see them. If we were to have a preference here, we would say that we want the two to come together at some point by the middle or end of the season. Given the characters a chance to grow together and experience more highs and lows; at that point, they may be able to build more of a lasting relationship as opposed to something that feels more akin to a quicker flash in the pan.

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