MacGyver season 2 finale promo: Is Mac quitting the team?

MacGyver season 2 finaleThe first MacGyver season 2 finale promo is now available courtesy of CBS, and at the center of it appears to be one very-clear question: Are we really going to see Mac quitting the team? He loves his job, but are we starting to get to the point where enough is enough for him when it comes to Matty Webber?

The preview below gives you a great sense of some of the stakes for the final episode of the season, where Mac makes a shocking decision after realizing that he doesn’t feel as though he can trust Matty anymore. As the episode progresses, though, there may be an opportunity to better understand what is really going on with Mac’s father — and hopefully get an opportunity to meet him!

While to date it doesn’t necessarily seem as though Mac’s dad wants to be found, we’re personally banking on the fact here that there is so much going on than what has been made apparent. The idea of Mac’s dad hating him so much that he never wants to see them makes sense. Instead, there are a few other interesting theories to ponder over.

1. He is in serious danger – By going into hiding, he does a lot more to ensure his son’s safety than he would in just about any other situation.

2. He feels as though he needs to keep a secret from him – Sometimes, secrets can be devastating and there could be some sort of fear that Mac’s father has on this particular subject. If Mac knows the truth about something, there is a reasonably possibility that he may not be able to recover from it.

3. Mac’s dad is in witness protection – This would actually explain a good bit about why Matty and Mac’s dad are both so secretive and why he is out of touch and out of contact.

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