MacGyver season 2 episode 22 review: The truth is out there

MacGyver season 2 episode 22The idea of MacGyver doing an episode all about aliens feels, by and large, like a win it itself. Luckily, it’s with that in mind that we feel like season 2 episode 22 was a perfect way to get us to the end of the season.

At the very beginning of the episode, Mac and Riley were assigned to work together out in Area 51 for a case that was shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile, Jack was tasked to remain back at the Phoenix Foundation — where he had some really powerful heart-to-heart moments with Matty. This was something we didn’t anticipate seeing but it was valuable. Jack made a mistake in breaking into her place earlier this year in an effort to uncover some intel about her past. However, Matty’s reluctance to open up to Jack about MacGyver’s father and some other details frustrated him. He didn’t feel like she had any trust in him and that was a pretty big problem.

So what were MacGyver and Riley actually obtaining from their mysterious compound? This mission didn’t turn out to be so much about aliens, as much fun as that would be. Instead, it was more of a protection mission where some bad guys were after a mysterious device. There was more action at the base than they had seen in many years — consider this another reminder that life on these sort of bases is far less eventful than you would assume. This entire mission was another reminder of Mac’s greatness, and also that the show likes to have a little bit of fun tricking you. Even at the end of the episode we had a funny moment where an “alien” light in the sky turned out to be Jack in a helicopter, meeting up with them at the end of the mission.

On a more personal note, it just so turns out that Riley managed to find some key information on Mac’s father. He had just about given up on this mission, and from there she long debated whether or not she wanted to say something about it. At the end of the episode Riley, Jack, and Bozer decided to tell Mac all about what happened with Jack and Matty back at Phoenix, but also that Riley managed to use her upgraded security clearance to look through the file on his dad. She had a flash drive with information all about him, and now, he has to figure out if he wants to look at it.

CarterMatt Verdict

Probably the best moment of the entire finale for us came in seeing Jack at the Area 51 morgue at the end of the episode, finally getting a chance to live out his dram of being there, and also being pranked along the way. This was a crazy mission with a lot of crazy-fun moments. Also, we had a pretty great cliffhanger in the closing moments.

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