Outlander discussion: Do you want to see teaser or another sneak peek?

Outlander season 4It was around this time last year when the first official Outlander season 3 teaser was released, and with that in mind, it certainly does feel like now is the perfect time to start to venture down that direction again.

To be specific, the question we want to ponder here is this: What’s the best thing for Starz to give us at this point? What would we prefer the most? We thought about including three options within this article in a teaser, a trailer, and another sneak peek, but then we thought otherwise for one simple reason: Almost everyone would probably pick the trailer! That’s where you can see the most total footage from a wide array of different scenes, and that is probably also where you can build the most hype for what lies ahead. We don’t think Starz is going to release a trailer at any point within the next month or two, so let’s table that subject for the time being.

Now, let’s get to discussing the other possibilities.

A teaser – We know that technically, there was a small one of these at the end of the season 3 finale teasing Jamie and Claire’s American Dream but we’re thinking more here along the lines of the season 3 teaser, something that lasts 30-35 seconds and gives you a sense of the story that is coming from a wide array of different characters. You can probably cram in a few glimpses from ten or fifteen separate scenes, some narration, and a few wonderful reminders as to why so many people out there love the show. This will be a feast for the eyes and something that you can watch a good twenty times over.

A sneak peek – Think in terms of what we got earlier this year, but one that is available for all viewers as opposed to one that is exclusively available to viewers on Starz. Technically, you get more actual footage with something like this (think a minute or two), but you only get one scene. It’s great if you love some of the characters featured since it gives you a good sense of the actual story. However, it may also make some people out there impatient if they wish some other people are parts of the Drums of Autumn story were highlighted.

This is where we want to hear from you: What would you rather see in between a teaser or a new sneak peek? Share in the comments or the attached poll!

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