Big Brother Canada 6 interview: Ali Martinez on eviction, regrets, campaigning

Ali MartinezAlejandra “Ali” Martinez found herself evicted in the first half of Thursday night’s Big Brother Canada 6 Triple Eviction, and for most of the week we saw a lot of back and forth as to who should stay and who should go. It was dramatic and heated at times, but ultimately the trio of Paras, Will, and Maddy decided to get rid of Ali instead of Kaela.

In our latest Big Brother Canada exit interview, Ali discusses the eviction show last night, her close bonds in the house, and just how crazy the past few days campaigning really were.

CarterMatt – How are you recovering from last night’s eviction?

Ali – Well I had a couple margaritas last night and I’ve been trying to keep busy. I had some trouble sleeping, but I think it’s natural to go over things in your head and try to figure out where you went wrong and what you could have done. I’m just trying to process it all. At the end of the day, I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to play. I did make it pretty far and I think the best thing for me to do is just to be really proud of that.

What surprised you the most about your eviction from the game?

Will and Paras, definitely. They had stressed throughout the season how important their word was, and they were very careful on giving their word unless they felt 100%. They also held others to a very high standard in terms of getting word from other people. They did give me their word before the eviction that I would be staying. To see them go back on their word was the most baffling, for sure.

When you were named replacement nominee, did you think that there was a good chance of your eviction?

I didn’t think there was a good chance, but I knew there was a chance. I told Johnny prior to him naming me as the replacement that I didn’t think it would be as clear-cut as he thought. I don’t know if ultimately Johnny was okay with that idea. I do feel that he was strategic in placing me on there over Olivia. I do think that he gambled with my game and he knew that the possibility of the house flipping was always there because I was able to flip the house for him last week. [This was him] telling me that if the house flipped and I went home, he was okay with that.

Who do you specifically blame the most for going home?

I do blame Johnny. I think there were other options to ensure Kaela went home. I gave him my word that I would have voted to send Kaela home over Maddy. I know he was trying to repair his relationship with Will, but I know that if Will was to go up on the block, he would have never gone home over Kaela. I do think there were other options, but he chose me. The only reason I was in that situation was because of him.

Other than Olivia, who did you feel the closest to and why?

That’s a tough one. I did feel really close to Johnny, though I know our trust was broken when Erica left, but I know that my reasons for wanting to keep him were to show him that I was very much loyal to him. I think after the house meeting he held when he won HoH some more truth came out and that finished fracturing out relationship. It’s unfortunate since next to Olivia, I did feel the closest to him.

On a personal level, I did feel close to Kaela. Even though we were supposed to be at odds for weeks and weeks, over time Daela and Liv and I were able to establish some genuine trust. They were in power for two weeks and they never touched us — that showed a lot of loyalty. Other than that, I think I felt really good with Will, but I feel played by him, as well. I think he told everybody he had their back, but I really believed him when he said he had mine.

After being in danger the very first week, how did you adjust and change your game?

I know someone’s gotta be the scapegoat week 1. I knew because I fell off first in the first HoH that I was an easy pick. I don’t think anyone actually wanted me there, but Andrew rallied really hard to try to get me out instead of Rozina. I also know that by doing so he did indirectly put a target on my back. I feel like instead of being the outward, outspoken, fiery person that I am, I kind of fell back a little bit. I started focusing on really building genuine connections with as many people as possible and a solid social game. I wanted to align myself with people who I thought were strong, as well.

What’s the one move you wish you could change in retrospect?

In retrospect I wish I had sent Johnny home and kept Ryan last week.

How would you describe the past few days of campaigning in the house?

Really tedious (laughs). I had some solid relationships in the house, especially with Will and Paras. I didn’t feel like I needed to make these insignificant promises to them. I felt like my actions and my loyalty up until that point spoke for itself, but I guess that I was wrong.

It was difficult to campaign to Maddy because we’d been at odds the entire season, and I knew it was falling on deaf ears. I had to swallow my pride a little bit just to talk to her. Even in talking to her she always found ways to tick me off. Even when I did try to open something up with her she instantly relayed everything back to Will and Paras, which I think hurt me more in the long run. I didn’t know to what extent it hurt me, so maybe I didn’t campaign as hard as I should have. Ultimately, that was my demise.

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