MasterChef Junior interview: Sammy Vieder talks time in competition

Sammy Vieder

Moving into the latest new episode of MasterChef Junior airing on Fox Friday night, why not take a moment and hear from one of the contestants who was just a part of the competition? Sammy Vieder saw the end of his journey following the egg-yolk ravioli challenge but had a rather impressive run leading up to it. He won a mystery box, he fared well in team challenges, and in the end, showed he could do a lot of different things in the kitchen.

In the interview below Sammy tells CarterMatt about originally auditioning for the series back in season 5, his high points in the kitchen, and also what he wants to do in food next.

CarterMatt – What made you want to be a part of the show this season?

I always knew that I wanted to cook in the MasterChef kitchen. I’ve watched every season since the first one. I tried out for Season 5, and made it pretty far, but not all the way obviously. When I found out that I wasn’t moving on in season 5, I knew I just had to keep trying.

What was your favorite moment from your time in the competition?

My favorite moment was either getting my apron, or winning the mystery box. When I got the first apron I was so surprised. I was so nervous that I would be going home but I guess not!

What was the hardest part of doing the egg-yolk ravioli challenge for you?

I’ve always had a hard time with homemade pasta. I would slave for 2 hours just trying to get my pasta dough to the right consistency and it always didn’t work. This batch is too thick, this batch is too thin, this batch has holes. It never worked!

Is there any type of food you wish you had a chance to make this season?

I really wish I got the chance to make Gordon’s beef wellington. I’ve seen it on tv about a million times I thought, hey, I could make that! We never got to sadly.

What was the biggest lesson you learned from being on MasterChef Junior?

My biggest lesson that I learned was probably to never give up. Something would go wrong in the kitchen and I would freak out sometimes. You just had to keep going and take a deep breath. I also learned the importance of friends. There were so many times that my friends helped me out in the kitchen. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to do this. I met so many cool people.

What do you want to do in food next?

I’m not really sure. I’m only 13 so it’s a couple years before I decide want I want to do. I really like teaching others how to cook. That’s been a lot of fun! There’s one thing for sure… I will always cook. Professionally or just as a hobby.

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