Chicago Fire season 6 episode 20 review: Are Casey, Dawson trying for kids again?

Chicago Fire season 6 episode 20Tonight, what Chicago Fire season 6 episode 20 showed us was a wide array of assorted drama, and then also some reminders of characters’ pasts coming back to the present in some surprising ways.

Take, for example, Casey and Dawson getting a chance to impact Bria’s life once again. This time around, though, it was about a situation that wasn’t exactly life-or-death in the same way. Bria was getting ready for prom! Her father was doing better and she had an opportunity to actually do something that was normal for a teenager for a change. That included a special ride to prom courtesy of a Chicago fire truck.

While this storyline at first seemed simple but sweet, it did have a larger implication — Casey and Dawson want to start trying for kids again!

Elsewhere in this episode, we saw one of the biggest stories in quite some time for Boden as he had to deal with a wide array of different issues, whether it be handling a mysterious box of money (which turned out to be a gift from a wealthy, grateful man) to also him deciding to buy a boat and starting living life. This was a confident, excited Boden who wasn’t about to let anything slow him down.

For Cruz, he faced a different decision in regards to a woman from his distant past. Did he want to reignite that flame or take his life in a different direction? This was not an easy decision for him and he got some advice from Brett, who was pretty stern that he should not do it. The ending was left fairly ambiguous here and our personal hope is that he doesn’t go back in that direction.

Did Otis get his job back?

After a lengthy recovery, tonight he ended up getting his position back as driver — even though it didn’t exactly come altogether easy for him. He first endured a competition with Kidd over who was going to be in charge; in the end, she withdrew her name, but not before getting in some concessions first. This was a fun little story and, in the end, we’re thrilled to see that Otis is back in the swing of things again. Stella did have one last gig behind the wheel, though, driving Bria and her new date to the prom.

CarterMatt Verdict

There was a lot of happiness within Chicago Fire season 6 episode 20 and that was rather nice to see. Unfortunately we know that it’s a calm before a storm and there’s almost surely going to be a few surprises on the other side — think in terms of a finale that could be devastating since many of them are.

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