Station 19 episode 7 review: Is Pruitt now on the mend?

Station 19 episode 1On Station 19 episode 7 Thursday night, we got another reminder of the fragility of life, and also just how far firefighters will go to save it.

Probably the most pivotal example of this very thing came in this episode watching a baby having to be tossed down for safety. Jack and Travis did everything that they could within this episode to help a woman and her infant child in the midst of a dramatic fire, one that (like many others) started off with just a single match gone awry. One of the things that is very interesting about this show and is how it focuses on how the fires started, couple of course with how things end up.

On the medical front tonight, what we saw was the continued efforts of Pruitt in order to save his life and fight off the cancer. Through much of the episode we had a chance to see Andy looking after her father at the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, which in turn led to the two having some important heart-to-heart conversations about how badly they needed each other. They had conversations they needed to have for months and they’re finally in a place in which they understand each other. While Pruitt had a serious health scare due to an allergic reaction tonight he’s vowing to keep fighting. With that in mind, we’re sure that Andy is going to do everything in her power to help.

This episode was one, tough as it seemed at times, that also had some victories. Seeing Pruitt make it through some of his struggles was important. To go along with that, though, the same goes with Travis agreeing to open himself for romance. Bailey and Ben are starting to get to the bottom of some of their own issues, including some of what he’s going through as a part of his job. She doesn’t want to hold on to some of the pain he goes through by himself — and it’s also how the two of them are going to move forward.

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CarterMatt Verdict

Tonight, Station 19 episode 7 gave you a good sense as to how these characters are conquering some of their recent demons, whether it be Vic with her fear of fire and also Ben holding off when it comes to sharing a ton of details regarding what he’s been dealing with to his wife. We appreciate the show’s efforts to get more personal and allow us a chance to get to know people better — we also appreciate characters like Miller showing up for Pruitt and reminding us further that a firehouse family is really that.

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