Chicago PD interview: Rick Eid on Olinsky’s dire situation, Halstead and Atwater’s undercover case

Chicago Pd season 5 teaserWednesday night Chicago PD season 5 episode 21 will air on NBC, and this installment (entitled “Homecoming”) is set to be a big one as the story of Olinsky / Voight versus Denny Woods is about to escalate. The promos have shown Olinsky behind bars following an arrest, and it’s yet another sign of just what he is willing to do for his longtime colleague and friend in the midst of the Bingham murder investigation.

So was it always the plan for Olisnky to be a possible fall guy for Voight, and what does this say about him? Leading up to this episode we asked these questions to showrunner Rick Eid, in addition to him sharing a tease about the Halstead – Atwater storyline that is coming. This is the first part of a two-part interview with Eid; next week, get ready to see more of what he has to say about the finale and if he’s already been thinking about ideas for a season 6.

CarterMatt – Was it always the plan for Olinsky to find himself in hot water at this point in the story?

Rick Eid – It wasn’t decided at the beginning of the season that this was how it would go. It was one of those things that evolved organically. It was not something that we wrote towards — it wasn’t like we said ‘wouldn’t it be great if this situation happened?’ and we wrote towards it.

I think the main idea behind all of it was that we felt on some level, Voight needed to pay the price for some of his past deeds — that what he’s done needed to cost him something. Through that idea, the situation in episode 21 comes about.

What does it say about Olinskly that he is so unwilling to flip on Voight?

It speaks to his character — he’s a loyal friend, a loyal cop, and a part of a breed that doesn’t really exist anymore. He believes in loyalty with no conditions or exceptions. Voight’s his brother and he will remain loyal to him, regardless of the consequences.

We’re going to see Atwater and Halstead go undercover in this episode. What can you say about what’s coming up for the two of them?

It’s really fun to see two of our leads undercover in different settings and seeing the coordination of the actual police setup. It’s really interesting. You’re seeing Halstead undercover with one group and Atwater with another, and despite all of the obstacles, they are trying to manipulate their targets with one common goal: Trying to get these dangerous, high-powered assault rifles off the street.

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