Survivor: Ghost Island episode 11 preview: A Tribal Council twist

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 11What’s coming up on Survivor: Ghost Island episode 11? Tonight we saw Naviti actually turn on one of their own and with that, you could assume as though the entire game is being shaken up in a big way.

However, we’re not altogether sure that this is going to end up being the case. We’re going to have a very different sort of Tribal Council taking place at the end of the episode where TWO people are going to be leaving the game. This means that there are going to be two immunity necklaces handed down. Judging from the way in which the preview described it, it doesn’t seem like we’re going to have two separate Tribal Councils, either.

The big losers in this twist seem to be the Malolo tribe, mostly because it’s going to be so easy for the original Naviti to just go ahead and cut half of them down right now — of course, depending on how the voting is done. If there are some complicated mechanisms to it where each person has to write down two names, things could get complicated — or if the two people with the highest number of votes go home.

From the standpoint of fairness, we can understand some purists out there being upset about that. Yet, in this new-age Survivor they need to try some new and exciting twists to help keep things interesting. After all, they can’t rely on the location so much anymore for that since they’ve been going to the same place so much. This show is really all about the strategy and some of the twists that happen in the game now.

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