Survivor: Ghost Island episode 10 highlights: Going against the family

Survivor: Ghost Island episode 10

There are few things that we enjoy on Survivor more than watching people stumble their way through finding an idol at camp. That is what we saw from Donathan as he managed to put together Tai and Scot’s idol — effectively giving him a normal idol. (Thank goodness there was no super-idol this time around.)

This was the second major moment of crazy this episode, with the opening one being Des’ decision to start going rogue and claim that she was going to work with Malolo in order to take out a big Naviti player. We’ve got a feeling that this is something that we’re going to get more of a little later. Let’s get into some of the highlights for now.

Best Move of the Week – Who actually played the smartest this week? We’re going to say it was Domenick just because he really seemed to do the best to figure out who was telling the truth and who was lying. He came to trust Laurel (who clued him in to Des’ plan) because of Des’ response and recognized that, at times, taking out someone from your own tribe is beneficial.

Worst Move of the Week – It has to just be Kellyn for being so over-confident about her own abilities in the game. She is a really great player because she is able to build relationships. However, in this game you really need to be aware about every possibility. It wasn’t until she was blindsided later with information before she started to entertain the possibility. There was a scenario tonight in which she got blindsided.

Funniest Moment of the Week – The immunity challenge tonight was almost like watching a domino rally — people started to fall IMMEDIATELY after it started. He, if it was production’s goal to not have to sit out in front of the sun for a long time, they succeeded. Also, Chelsea won immunity — a nice victory for someone who has been more or less the ghost on Ghost Island.

Standout Player – We don’t necessarily think that she played great tonight BY ANY MEANS, but this was the first time all season that we’ve seen Des come alive. We give her some props! She realized that she was on the bottom and tried to shake things up a little bit.

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Elimination – On paper, it made sense to get rid of Michael just because of the fact that he’s been an enormous target for the past four episodes. Also, all of the drama with Des seemed like the perfect smokescreen — he didn’t have an idol and he didn’t have immunity. This was a chance to take him out and it wasn’t altogether clear that there would be another chance to make this sort of move on him.

Kellyn, Des, Laurel, and Michael were all targets in their own way tonight, but we were willing to go in on it being Michael just because there really wasn’t too much focus on a specific target otherwise.

Yet, Domenick actually got his way! Des was voted out and we do think that some of the Naviti people made a mistake. Des had already lost trust and was always going to be there; meanwhile, with Michael he could win challenges, find idols, and cause so much more chaos coming up.

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