Gotham season 5 renewal: Three ways to keep promotion strong

Gotham season 5 renewalUnfortunately, there is still no official word in regards to a Gotham season 5 renewal, but one thing is abundantly clear: We want to see this happen. If you are reading this CarterMatt article, there is a reasonably good chance that you feel the same way as we do.

Now that we’ve put it out there, there is a serious amount of work to be done in ensuring that this comes to pass. Are there things that Fox can do more of to help ensure that this happens?? Sure, just as there are also some things that we can do as viewers to promote the series even more. To get some of these suggestions, just be sure to check out our list below.

1. Continue to hype up the Batman imagery – One of the issues that plagued Gotham in the early days is almost similar to what plagued Agents of SHIELD early on. Casual viewers likely saw the comic-book brands behind them and assumed that the shows would be something different than what they are. It’s somewhat ironic that we criticized the show for going a little too hard with the foreshadowing in the first season and we’re asking for more of it now; yet, at this point so much of it is earned and Fox promoting some of the characters evolving into their true selves feels justified. Delivering more Batman buildup may be especially valuable given that this is a time in which there isn’t much movement when it comes to batman on the big screen.

2. Make it clear that the season finale is something different than anything that has been seen before – Some early teases regarding this upcoming May episode suggest that it is revolving around some sort of dramatic, cataclysmic event that is rather different than just some villain wrecking havoc. The more that you promote that in advance, the more people will tune in and bump up those ratings. Given that the futures of so many characters are already mapped out we don’t really perceive any of this as coming across as some sort of a spoiler.

3. Even more unified fan campaigns – We do think that there should be even more pushes from fans on social media to renew the show during the episodes and also the next day when some of the ratings are revealed. Gotham has a huge social media base; making sure that they make their support clear, and also that they include Fox as a network into some of their efforts, will help to make the biggest overall impact. Fan support and solid ratings are going to be the two things that help to save Gotham as a series more so than anything else.

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